December 7, 2023

Is AI A Game Changer For Renewable Energy?

  • September 24, 2023
Is AI A Game Changer For Renewable Energy?

Humans are obsessed with saving the planet for future generations, isn’t it? And why not? It is their right to have and enjoy the same bounties of nature we were privileged to have. And nature is beautiful! It blessed us in many ways. And now, it is our time to give back the selfless nature it gave us! That’s where renewable energy comes into the picture. It is a fantastic initiative started by humans to ensure that no natural resources are wasted unnecessarily while we still enjoy its convenience. But there is one more side to this happy picture. 

Artificial Intelligence! It is seriously impacting each sector of society, and the renewable energy industry is also affected. AI enables computer systems to digest information without needing humans, perhaps doing complicated jobs more quickly than people. It is believed that artificial intelligence will aid in reducing emissions and combating climate change. So, let us learn whether AI would transform the renewable energy world. If yes, then how? 

Recent Surveys About AI Revolutionising The Renewal Energy 

Renewable energy is leading this shift towards a sustainable future for the entire planet. Artificial intelligence is used to make renewable energy systems more innovative and effective. The energy industry is changing thanks in large part to technology. An enormous amount of data has been successfully learned from and analyzed by AI. The market for AI in Renewable Energy is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate of 27.9% over the course of the forecast period, reaching US$75.82 billion by 2030.

With a remarkable CAGR of 27.9% from 2021 to 2030, the global artificial intelligence) in renewable energy market size was estimated at US$ 8.24 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to exceed US$ 75.82 billion by that year.

Maintenance Planning 

Equipment maintenance is one of the most significant problems facing the renewable energy sector. AI can assist in predicting when maintenance is necessary, which leads to the performance of preventative maintenance. This can cut down on downtime and lower repair costs. With AI on rescue, there are fewer chances of depletion of the present sources; thus, it helps bring about the green revolution closer. 

Optimization System for Energy 

AI can improve energy systems by evaluating data and making decisions based on that data. For instance, AI can optimize energy production by adjusting the output of wind turbines based on weather conditions. This can lower costs and increase the system’s general effectiveness.

Energy Reserves  For renewable energy systems, energy storage is essential because it saves energy when it is not needed and is utilized when it is. By anticipating when and how much energy will be required, AI can aid in optimizing energy storage. This can facilitate waste reduction and ensure effective energy use.

Grid Administration 

AI can control the grid by forecasting energy supply and demand. This guarantees that energy is distributed effectively and helps prevent blackouts. A more sustainable energy system is possible with the aid of AI in integrating renewable energy sources into the grid rather than the manual or simple machine equipment system, which leads to sudden blackouts due to weather changes and natural calamities. 

The Market for Renewable Energy and AI in the Future 

Although it is still in its infancy, AI has the potential to transform the renewable energy business completely. AI can potentially improve renewable energy systems’ sustainability, intelligence, and efficiency. We can anticipate significantly more innovation in the renewable energy business as AI technology develops. Numerous elements, including growing modernity, are predicted to fuel market expansion.

Market Forces 

Several factors, including the following, influence the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in the market for renewable energy. Read about them below: 

  • Growing Interest in Renewable Energy 

The need for renewable energy is rising as the globe transitions to a more sustainable future. New renewable energy technologies, including wind turbines and solar panels, have resulted from this. These systems’ effectiveness can be improved with the aid of AI, which will lower their cost and broaden their appeal.

  • Cost cutting 

The cost of renewable energy technologies has historically prevented widespread implementation. By optimizing energy systems and foreseeing maintenance requirements, AI can help lower the cost of renewable energy by minimizing downtime and repair expenses. One of the critical aspects fueling the industry’s expansion is the growing trend toward lowering electricity expenditures.

  • Government Assistance 

Different governments are launching programs and offering incentives to increase the demand for renewable energy.  As a result, new technologies are being created, and renewable energy methods are being adopted more frequently. These systems’ efficiency can be improved with AI, increasing their allure to investors.

  • Technological Progress 

AI technology advancements have made it feasible to estimate maintenance requirements and improve energy systems more accurately. As a result, renewable energy systems are now more efficient and dependable, which attracts investors.  Additionally, AI technology can enhance current energy storage, which is expected to open up attractive potential for industry expansion.

  • Environment-Related Issues 

Sustainable energy sources are becoming increasingly popular due to growing environmental concerns. Artificial intelligence (AI) can potentially increase the effectiveness of renewable energy systems while lowering their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

  • Demand estimating drove market expansion. 

Demand forecasting will have the highest revenue share in 2021. Artificial intelligence is particularly efficient in its structure when compared to other technologies. This is the rationale behind the widespread application of artificial intelligence in this sector. The management and forecasting of the demand for green energy are both aided by big data and artificial intelligence. In light of this, the advancement of AI will be directly impacted by this issue over the course of the projection period. The infrastructure segment is predicted to grow fastest over the projection period. Artificial intelligence is expanding in the renewable energy market due to increased government funding for infrastructure projects. The government is constantly working to upgrade the infrastructure.

For the market for renewable energy, AI is a game-changer. Artificial intelligence AI is transforming how we produce and consume renewable energy with its capacity to optimize energy systems, anticipate maintenance needs, and manage the grid. AI will be essential to achieving our objectives as the world progresses toward a more sustainable future.

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