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What Does a Business Development Manager Do

  • April 25, 2023
What Does a Business Development Manager Do

Singapore, known for its vibrant business ecosystem, has become a junction for international corporations and startups. As businesses thrive in this dynamic environment, a Business Development Manager (BDM) becomes critical in driving growth and creating new business opportunities. Many organisational roles help a business maintain and grow its customer base and increase sales. Beyond just selling products, this role helps educate consumers, improve internal processes and expand the company for new markets. 

If you are curious about the position of a Business Development Manager and how much a Business Development Manager earns in Singapore, read on as we dig into an in-depth analysis of their role and salary.

What does a Business Development Manager do?

Business Development
Business Development

A Business Development Manager is responsible for:

  • Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, 
  • Developing sales strategies, 
  • Building relationships with clients, and 
  • It is expanding the customer base. 
  • They work closely with various departments, including sales, marketing, and operations, to achieve business goals and revenue targets.
  • Hosting stands at industry exhibitions or seminars 
  • Holding in-person and virtual meetings with clients and business stakeholders. 

Essential Traits of a Business Development Manager 

Business Development Managers are expected to have the following traits:

  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills, 
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking abilities, 
  • Deep understanding of the market and industry trends. 
  • They must be able to analyse market data, 
  • Identify customer needs, and 
  • Develop solutions to meet those needs.
  • For building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, and industry contacts, to create new business opportunities and foster long-term partnerships.

Required skills for Business Development Managers in Singapore

Required skills influence the salary of a Business Development Manager in Singapore. Let’s take a closer look at some critical factors determining their earnings.

1. Experience and Expertise:

Experience plays a vital role in determining the salary of a Business Development Manager in Singapore. Those with more years of experience and a proven track record of success in navigating business growth and achieving revenue targets are likely to command a higher salary. Additionally, specialised expertise in a specific industry or market segment may command a higher salary due to the demand for niche skills.

2. Education and Qualifications:

Business Development Managers typically require a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field. However, higher qualifications, such as an MBA, may command a higher salary due to the advanced knowledge and skills gained through further education. Professional certifications, such as the Certified Business Development Professional (CBDP) or the Professional in Business Development (PBD), can also enhance a BDM’s credentials and potentially result in a higher salary.

3. Industry and Company Size: 

The industry in which a Business Development Manager works can significantly impact their salary in Singapore. For instance, the finance, technology, and pharmaceutical sectors tend to offer higher salaries due to the high demand for skilled professionals in these industries. Additionally, the size and reputation of the company also play a role. Large multinational corporations or established companies may offer higher salaries than smaller startups or local firms.

4. Job Scope and Responsibilities:

The job scope and responsibilities of a Business Development Manager can vary widely depending on the organisation. Some BDMs focus on local markets, while others handle regional or global markets. Those with more extensive responsibilities, such as managing a team or overseeing multiple markets, may command a higher salary due to increased complexity and accountability.

5. Performance and Sales Targets:

Business Development Managers are often evaluated based on their performance and ability to achieve sales targets. Organisations may offer performance-based incentives, such as commissions, bonuses, or profit-sharing schemes, to reward BDMs who exceed expectations. High performers who consistently meet or exceed sales targets may earn a higher salary due to their contributions to the company’s bottom line.

How much can a Business Development Manager earn?

The salary of a Business Development Manager depends on the sector and location. For instance, an IT business development manager can expect £50-70k in the North of the UK and £50-75k in the South-East. Likewise, a B2B business development manager can expect to earn £30-45k in London and the South-East. But all these figures are basic salary exclusive of benefits/ bonuses, and actual earning potential will be higher than this. 


You will need a strong sales record for the above discussion to secure a business manager’s development. A good book of contacts is favourably required, and in terms of traits, employers go for people who are polished and professional, self-motivated and disciplined in their approach. 

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