December 7, 2023

How To Become a Wedding Planner

  • July 9, 2023
How To Become a Wedding Planner

Many people dream of what their wedding day might look like, and a wedding planner helps make those dreams a reality. The main goal of a wedding planner is to create an unforgettable celebration through intensive planning, organizing, scheduling, and coordination. Becoming a wedding planner Singapore can be an exciting and fulfilling career choice for those passionate about organizing and creating memorable events. Wedding planners are crucial in helping couples bring their dream wedding to life. To share the road to becoming a wedding planner, we get some successful industry insiders to share the skills needed to make it in the industry.

Skills and qualifications for becoming a Wedding Planner

Likewise, it would help if you had specific skills, personality traits, and capabilities in many other fields to become a wedding planner. Ahead, see some critical characteristics for becoming a wedding planner in Singapore. 

1. Being Organized and Attentive To Details:

Wedding planning requires you to be organized and attentive to the details. As many components go hand in hand, the event, from scheduling to the menus, should go well organized. If you don’t have these traits naturally, consider an internship or an entry-level job to help you develop them. 

2. Get Experience:

Practical experience can help clarify your career goals and learn more about the wedding planning process. You can seek roles in related industries like event planning. This will help you to know where you need to improve and what obstacles to avoid related wedding planning in the future. 

3. Expand your Network:

Networking is crucial for any wedding planner. Attend industry events, bridal shows, and local wedding expos to connect with vendors, suppliers, and other professionals in the wedding industry. Establish relationships with photographers, florists, caterers, venue managers, and other professionals who can help you deliver exceptional client services. Since wedding planning involves meeting many people in person, creating a business card with your name, contact information, and website is a great way to promote your brand. 

4. Create a portfolio:

As you gain experience, start building a portfolio of your work. Document weddings you have assisted with, showcasing your ability to transform ideas into beautiful events. Include photographs, testimonials, and details of your role in each wedding. A strong portfolio will help you attract potential clients and showcase your skills and creativity.

5. Create business and marketing plans:

If you plan to start your wedding planning business in Singapore, preparation and organization can assist you in finding clients. For business planning, it is helpful to think about specific factors, which include:

  • Your target audience 
  • The exact services you want to offer 
  • Your organizational structure if you plan to hire additional employees 
  • Your financial plans, like estimated profit, expenses, and taxes 
  • Your sales strategy includes milestones to measure excess. 

A marketing plan helps you to communicate your business offerings to potential clients. Hence considerations for a marketing plan include the following:

  • Your brand voice and image 
  • Your web presence, including a custom website, blog, and social media profiles 
  • Your reviews from past clients and how you feature them 
  • Your ability to partner with publications and blogs to promote your business. 

6. Continue learning:

An effective way to stay familiar with the latest wedding planning trends is to continue learning. You can do this by attending seminars, enrolling in classes specific to the wedding industry, learning new skills regularly, and reading industry publications. An added benefit of continued learning is that you may make more networking contacts. It’s also a great way to advance your skills and ensure you do all you can to provide the best possible events for your clients. 

7. Provide exceptional customer service:

As a wedding planner, your success depends on your ability to provide exceptional customer service. Listen attentively to your client’s needs, communicate effectively, and deliver on your promises. Pay attention to the minor details and go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Happy clients will become your best advocates and a source of referrals for your business.

8. Seek professional recognition:

Consider joining professional organizations. These organizations provide resources, networking opportunities, and further education to help you grow as a wedding planner. Professional recognition can enhance your credibility and attract more clients.

9. Patience:

Communicating with many people and negotiating contracts requires patience, as it may involve clarifying your budgetary limits and understanding the communication styles of others. Besides, clients may exhibit moments of stress as they work on their wedding plans, so developing patience can help you in your journey as a wedding planner. 

10. Budgeting:

A Wedding planner should know how to plan and adhere to a budget, as clients often have a set budget for their wedding which is a crucial part of the wedding planner’s job. Fulfilling their requests while managing the budget is the essential skill of a wedding planner. 

11. Time -management:

A wedding planner may finalize client wedding plans while setting up initial goals and contracts with another. These varying demands require good time management skills so that planners can stay on track with projects from multiple clients.

12. Problem-solving:

Wedding planning often involves unexpected and last-minute changes, so knowing the best methods for resolving conflicts is essential to have excellent problem-solving skills. 


Wedding planning can be a rewarding career, and according to PayScale, the annual median income of a wedding planner Singapore is $40,343, with the lowest ten percent of earners making about $24,000/and the highest earners making around $74,000


Remember, becoming a successful wedding planner takes time, dedication, and hard work. It’s crucial to create a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. As you don’t have to obtain a degree in event planning to join the wedding industry, it’s all about going above and beyond to make a couple’s dream come true. And now, as you have sufficient knowledge of this industry, you are already on your way. 

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