December 7, 2023

Direct Carpentry Vs Readymade Furniture: Making the Right Choice for Your Home in Singapore

  • August 22, 2023
Direct Carpentry Vs Readymade Furniture: Making the Right Choice for Your Home in Singapore

Are you looking for some best-suited furniture for your home in Singapore? You can visit the furniture shop in your area or, online. But you may not find the furniture you want with all the features and styles. Then you will have to adjust to it and buy one which is more suitable than other furniture. But there is a way by which you can get the desired design in furniture with its functionality.


Direct carpentry can help you to get furniture the way you want. You just have to tell them your demands and they will make it as early as possible. If you still have any confusion between direct carpentry and ready-made furniture, then read this article to know about the reasons to choose direct carpentry.


8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Direct Carpentry Over Readymade Furniture


  1. Customization –You can get customised furniture from Direct carpentry services in Singapore. Here you can tell them to measure the space at your home and make furniture according to that space. You can choose the material you want and the colour options you want. But when you are buying readymade, you may not get your desired material and colour in the same furniture of the store. In addition to that the functionality matters too and you can ask the carpenter to make the furniture in a way that you can use the furniture the way you want.
  2. Excellent features – In direct carpentry, you can get more features in furniture than readymade ones. Since the readymade ones were not made in the way you wanted them, you can’t get all the features in them. You may not like the number of shelves in the wardrobe or, the door lock of it. But when you are making it with direct carpentry, you can tell them about the shape, size, design, and also the lock system. If you want you can also tell them to install smart locks where you want to keep your valuable things or, documents. But readymade furniture may not make up for your demand.
  3. Best-suited design –You can get the best-suited design in your furniture that can fit well in your home. The carpenter does not know about your style until you tell him by yourself. So the readymade furniture may not go well with your personality as the carpenter made it according to his thoughts. The colour of the sofa you want to buy, the shape of the table you prefer, the type of bed you want for your house are all your choices. So if you want to make them according to your preferences, then you must go for customised furniture in Singapore which can give you satisfaction.
  4. Material –How long furniture will last depends on the material used to make this and on the carpenter who made this. All woods are not the same and there are some woods that are good for making furniture. Teak wood, mahogany, and rosewood are some examples of the best wood for making furniture. You may have some preferences in woods and you can tell the carpenter to use this wood type to make the furniture. And we know that sometimes metals and glass are also used to make furniture. You can choose the material by yourself in direct carpentry and the carpenter will make the furniture is using those materials.
  5. Aesthetic –Furniture plays an important role in improving the aesthetic of your home and it is an essential part of home décor. Along with the use of furniture, they should go well with the interior design of your house. You must have decorated the walls and floors with the best interior designs and the furniture have to go well with that. You can’t put the same coloured furniture in front of the same coloured wall. There should be a contrast between them to beautify the interior of your house. But you may not get all the features in one of the readymade furniture and you will have to compromise. But with the help of direct carpentry services in Singapore, you can get all the features in your furniture.
  6. Quality –No matter how convincing the words of the seller are, you cannot trust him fully about the quality of the furniture. But when you can hire carpenters and check how they are making the furniture and which material they are using, then you can trust them. In the case of readymade furniture, you may not get the best quality but in direct carpentry, you will be assured of the quality of the furniture. If you don’t like anything and want to change it, you can also ask the carpenter to do it. And he will try to serve you with his skill to ensure you that he is making the best quality furniture.
  7. Cost – You may think that customised furniture may cost more than readymade ones. But that is not actually true if you think deeply about it. In direct carpentry, you are making your choice in the design, and materials. As a result, this furniture will meet up to your need and you won’t think about replacing them soon. Since they are made of better quality materials, those furniture will last more than the readymade ones. Once you have spent the money, you can get to use the customised furniture in the long run without replacing them with new ones. But in the case of ready mad ones, they may not serve you as long as customized furniture.
  8. Maintenance –Furniture also needs proper maintenance to avoid any damage. After a few years, the shine will vanish and the colour will start to fade away. But if they do the varnishing well and use better quality paints, then the furniture will keep shining for more years without losing its colour. And the life span of the furniture also depends on the material like wood or, metal. Customised furniture in Singapore is made with better-quality materials. And the wood or, metal won’t get damaged easily because of weathering if you make it with the best materials. From this point of view, you should choose direct carpentry over readymade furniture as well.



We hope that you have got to know about the advantages of direct carpentry. If you are not in a hurry to get furniture immediately, you should hire carpenters to make customised it. This way you can get multi-purpose furniture to meet up to your need. Any artisan has to give time to get a good job, because furniture work is like an art. The more time you give in this, the better the output will come out. Along with this, if you want custom design work, then you will have to give some time to the carpenter so that they can work well on the design given by you. And if you want quick work on time, then you should buy readymade furniture.

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