December 7, 2023

How Much Wedding Photography Rates in Singapore in 2023?

  • July 16, 2023
How Much Wedding Photography Rates in Singapore in 2023?

Making choices on various parts of wedding preparation is necessary. Among these filming those unforgettable moments is one of them. Knowing photographic sets could help you create targets. This also selects the best camera pick if you’re planning a wedding in Singapore in 2023.

Selecting an expert photographer to capture those priceless images is a major decision that has to be made when organizing a wedding. Knowing the cost of wedding pictures is important if you’re planning a big day in Singapore in 2023. Learning this will allow you to plan your money carefully.

Further, the choice of a photographer that can meet your needs is equally important. To present you with an idea of what to expect, we will look at what to expect in wedding photography rates Singapore in this piece.

What Sets the Charges of Wedding Photography?

The cost for pictures of weddings in Singapore varies based on one thing. These are the photographer’s skills, experience, tools, and plan. This further includes, additional services, and the amount of service. Here is a summary of each element:

Knowledge and Profile of the Photographer

Expert photographers with a lot of knowledge and a strong track record in their field often ask for higher fees. They give a level of knowledge, creativity, and quality that creates a huge difference.


Photographers can ask for higher costs for their top-notch cameras, optics, lighting, and fixing tools.

Packet inclusions:

There are a lot of factors that could change wedding photography prices. These are Pre-wedding events, backup photographers, records, designs, and instant downloads. The cost rises with the total size of the package.

Extra Services:

Some professionals provide further services. Such services include filming, photo prop housing, drone imaging, and quick edits. These items can be available as part of a full set or can be sold alone.

You can create a more exact and practical plan for your wedding photography with these added costs in mind. Openly share your style and goals with your photographer. Furthermore, for any particular services or goods, an open discussion is a must. If you do this, you might be sure there are no cost shocks! This will guarantee the complete photographic work you want for your special day.

Coverage length:

Photographers can give varied coverage sizes, such as single-day or full-day plans. Costs may be higher for longer service.

Normal Wedding Photography Rates in Singapore 2023

Given all of these factors, wedding photography rates in Singapore can vary highly. Here is a very short and crisp outline of the common rates:

Basic Plans:

These plans can cost starting from SGD 1,000 to SGD 2,500 for rookie photographers or those who are fresh out in the field. The service specification, minimal editing, and online copies of the photos are often included in such packages.

Mid-Range Deals:

Mid-range plans can range between SGD 2,500 and SGD 5,000. Mostly these are just perfect for most pairs. Pre-wedding shoots that include larger services and more detailed editing and albums do require a lot of cost. Further additional items like copies or another photographer are often included in such packages.

Luxury Packages:

Packages start at SGD 5,000 as well as go up to SGD at least 10,000 for couples looking for a luxurious wedding. A top-notch photographer and the team will surely fulfill all your dreams. These rates include thorough coverage, many photographers, superb albums, customizable services, and special extras.

It’s necessary to keep in that these prices are averages. Additionally, these can vary based on a specific photographer, their level of expertise, and what is offered in their packages. Also, due to their skills and popularity in the marketplace, photographers with excellent track records and plenty of work will seek charges. It’s needed to keep in mind that these are only general rates. Photographers are likely to set their fees lower or higher according to their specific services or market selection.

Costs Must be Considered –

You must deal with potential photographers candidly and openly. This ensures that you become aware of what comes in their boxes. Whether there are any extra costs or any conditions of use of what they offer, this must be clear!

You can make a smart decision that suits your budget and promises. For having a beautiful and lifetime memory of the wedding day being familiar with typical expenses in Singapore is a must. Taking note of the factors that affect cost will make your dream come true. Funding for a wedding photographer needs to take note of various extra costs:

Pre-Wedding or Engagement Photographs:

There might be further charges to cover the photographer’s time, travel, and any necessary permits. All of these are a must if you wish to schedule engagements or pre-wedding photographs at other places. Travel expenses may be related if your wedding takes place in a place other than your photographer’s usual location. These costs can involve flights, housing, and meals.

Posters & Albums:

While digital copies of the pictures usually come for free, there may be some extra. Especially for songs, canvas images, and actual prints typically they might charge you!

Extra costs:

Photographers can charge extra rates if your big day last longer than the amount of time given for shooting.

How to Pick an Ideal Wedding Photographer

Consider the following ideas to help you choose a top wedding photographer –

Select Your Style:

The theme over the work samples of multiple photographers must be selected before hand. Also, select a look that attracts you and matches the idea for your wedding pictures.

Research and Similarity:

To make a smart decision, look for photographers with high ratings, get recommendations, and assess the services, fees, and items.

Meet the Photographer:

To talk about your big day plans, ask about concerns. To get an idea of the photographer’s expertise and character, plan a meeting, or via Skype.

Analyze the contract:

Before confirming, go through the contract and the photographer’s details. Verify that all shared services and fees are laid out in depth. One can create a more detailed plan for the wedding pictures to avoid unwanted costs by taking note of all these.

Regarding the cost of all extra services and possible extra costs, it’s important to have a transparent talk with the photographers. This will allow you to set up the funds priorly. make sure that you get what you want for the cost that you put aside.


For a smooth and happy rom photography process on your special day, try to talk about all of the above. Carefully examine their rates and agreements before drawing a choice. The selection of a wedding photographer is one of the many key choices that have to be made. Understanding what to expect as rates for photographic wedding offerings in Singapore in 2023 is key.

You can pick smartly and use your budget well when taking into mind aspects like training, image, package involves, and extra services. With this information, you’ll be prepared to pick an artist that will beautifully capture the heart of your special day while keeping to the budget you have set. To make sure you get an ideal fit for your wedding picture needs, take the time to study, contrast, and meet current photographers.

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