December 6, 2023

Why Should You Choose Composite Wood Decking

  • June 19, 2023
Why Should You Choose Composite Wood Decking

The appearance and value of your property may be improved with a lovely and valuable outside deck. Composite wood decking is becoming increasingly common while selecting suitable material for your deck. Composite decking, created from a mixture of wood fibers and recycled plastic, has several advantages that make it a desirable choice for homeowners. This article will examine the benefits of composite wood decking and explain why it should be considered for your outdoor area.

 Power and Fortitude

Composite wood decking is well renowned for being incredibly strong and long-lasting. In contrast to typical wood decking, composite boards don’t rot, mildew, sprout insects, or degrade. Furthermore, even in extreme conditions, they are less prone to splinter, crack, or distort. Maintaining and fixing your outside space will be simple for many years with composite decking.


Composite wood decking is less harmful to the environment than traditional wood decking. Because it is made of recycled materials, such as plastic and wood fibers, less new wood is needed, and less waste is in landfills. Composite decking is a sustainable alternative for homeowners who are concerned about the environment since it helps protect natural resources and reduce environmental impact.


For your convenience, composite wood decking comes in various designs and finishes. There are options for composite decking that may enhance your outdoor area, whether you prefer the appearance of natural wood grains or modern finishes. Composite boards now nearly resemble genuine wood in appearance thanks to technological advancements, giving you the beauty of wood without the care or disadvantages.


When it comes to outdoor decking, safety is a crucial factor. Since composite wood decking has many safety features, it is an excellent option for households with kids or animals. The chance of accidents is lower with composite decking than with traditional wood decking, especially when damp. Additionally, they don’t splinter, making barefoot walking safe for them.

Anti-Moisture and Anti-Rot

Traditional wood decking’s vulnerability to rot and moisture damage is one of its major disadvantages. On the other hand, the superior moisture and rot resistance of composite wood decking makes it an excellent option for outdoor spaces that are exposed to moisture or close to water or other humid environments. You can be sure that your deck will maintain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal even in damp settings if you use composite decking.

Property Value Increase

Investing in composite wood decking can significantly increase your property’s value. Potential purchasers find composite decking a desirable feature due to its longevity, minimal maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal. A well-designed, well-maintained composite deck may improve your property’s exterior charm and general attractiveness.

Termite and Pest Resistance

The possibility of insect infestation, especially by termites, is one of the frequent problems with conventional wood decking. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-boring insects have little chance of harming composite wood decking. This removes the requirement for chemical treatments or routine pest control inspections, saving you time and money and extending the life of your deck.

Warranty and Tranquilly of Mind

Most respectable composite wood decking producers provide warranties that cover their goods’ performance, quality, and durability. Homeowners may rest easy knowing they are investing in a dependable, long-lasting decking solution thanks to these guarantees. Consider the warranty coverage and terms when choosing a composite decking brand.

Cost-Effective Long-Term

Although composite wood decking may initially cost more than traditional wood solutions, it is essential to consider long-term cost-effectiveness. Using composite decking, you may save money on repairs, replacements, and yearly maintenance costs, which require less upkeep and replacement than real wood. Additionally, you can enjoy your outside area without worrying about expensive maintenance because of the durability of composite decking.

Resistance to UV Ray Damage and Fading

Over time, typical wood decking may fade and lose its colour due to sunshine and UV radiation exposure. The decking made of composite wood is made to withstand UV rays and fading, keeping its lively appearance for years. This makes it a fantastic option for outdoor use.

How to Choose a Solid Timber Flooring and Composite Wood Decking Contractor

To select a solid timber flooring and composite wood decking contractor, it is essential to carefully analyse their background, standing, level of knowledge, available resources, and general professionalism. You may make an informed selection and pick a contractor that will provide high-quality installation and guarantee your pleasure for years by completing in-depth research, looking through their portfolio, and evaluating their client testimonials.

 Information and Abilities

Look for professionals with a proven track record and extensive

solid timber flooring and composite wood decking knowledge. Experience shows that a person is knowledgeable about different types of wood, installation techniques, and probable project-related issues. A knowledgeable contractor can give solutions.

Reputation and Testimonials

You may learn more about the contractor’s standing in the market by looking at internet evaluations, customer recommendations, and testimonials. Positive feedback reveals client satisfaction and contractors’ capacity to keep their promises. Additionally, consider their professionalism, adherence to project timeframes, and quick response to customer questions or concerns.

Registration and Insurance

Verify that the contractor has the licenses and permissions to conduct business lawfully. A licensed contractor proves that they adhere to rules and regulations in the sector. To guard against any damages or accidents throughout the project, you should also confirm if they have liability insurance. Both parties are protected by insurance, which offers peace of mind.

Samples and a Portfolio

Examine the contractor’s portfolio and ask to see examples of past projects. This enables you to evaluate their attention to detail, level of craftsmanship, and overall aesthetic appeal. Examine the completed projects to determine how long the flooring and decking have lasted. It’s also helpful to stop by their showroom to explore various wood possibilities and better understand what they can do.

Selection of Materials and Expertise

A trustworthy contractor should be well-versed in composite wood decking and solid timber flooring. They need to be able to advise you on the best wood species, coatings, and decking materials based on your tastes, way of life, and spending limit. Their knowledge will guarantee that you pick materials wisely and make knowledgeable judgements.

Warranty and Post-Purchase Assistance

Ask the contractor what kind of warranty they offer on the materials they use and their labor. An installer with a good reputation will offer a guarantee that ensures the effectiveness and longevity of their work. Additionally, take into account their post-sale services, such as maintenance guidance, repair solutions, and any continuous assistance they provide. A contractor who guarantees client satisfaction and dependable after-sales support is dedicated to assuring the long-term functioning of your flooring and decking.

Price and Contract Information

Compare the extent of the work, the materials, the deadlines, and the total costs of the precise quotes you receive from several contractors. An unexpectedly cheap or expensive price might indicate poor quality or additional fees. Ensure the contract has accurate information about project deadlines, payment schedules, warranties, and other services. Before you sign the contract, carefully read the terms and conditions and ask for clarification on any unclear points.


The experience, reputation, knowledge, materials, and general professionalism of a solid wood flooring and composite wood decking contractor should all be carefully considered. You may make an educated choice and pick a contractor that will provide high-quality installation and guarantee your pleasure for years by completing in-depth research, looking at their portfolio, and analyzing their client testimonials.

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