December 7, 2023

What Is National School Games Singapore

  • June 1, 2023
What Is National School Games Singapore

The National School Games (NSG) is the largest annual inter-school competition in Singapore organized by schools for the schools. The National School Games offers over 400 championship titles for over 60,000 athletes across all schools(primary, secondary, junior college, and centralized institutions) in Singapore. National School Games Singapore is an annual inter-school sports competition organized by the Singapore Schools Sports Council (SSSC) and the Ministry of Education (MOE). It is the largest and most prestigious sporting event for school athletes nationwide.

What is the National School Games ( NSG) Wushu:

National School Games
National School Games

Usually, National School games ( Wushu) start from Term 2 Week 1 to Week 4, but due to the present Civic-19 situation, the dates are yet to be confirmed. 

What is the goal of the National School Games Singapore:

The National School Games aims to promote sports participation and excellence among students, fostering a spirit of healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship. It provides a platform for students to showcase their talents, develop their skills, and compete at various levels of competition, ranging from primary schools to junior colleges.

Which games are included in the National School Games:

The National School Games covers various sports disciplines, including athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, gymnastics, netball, rugby, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and more. The event spans several months, with different sports contested at various times throughout the year.

How is the Competition Divided?

The competition is divided into different divisions, with students competing against their peers from other schools. The divisions include Junior Division (Primary 4 to 6), Senior Division (Secondary 1 to 2), and the ‘A’ Division (Secondary 3 to 4 and Junior Colleges). This divisional structure ensures fair competition and allows students to compete against others of similar age and skill level.

The layout of the National School Games: 

The National School Games follows a comprehensive structure, starting with zonal competitions. Schools within the same geographical zone compete against each other to qualify for the next stage, which is inter-zone competitions. The top schools from each zone then compete against each other to determine the zonal champions.

The zonal champions subsequently advance to the national level, competing against the top schools from other zones in their respective sports. These national-level competitions are usually held at different sporting venues across Singapore, providing a platform for students to experience competing in professional environments.

Benefits of taking part in the National School Games Singapore:

There are certain key benefits of taking part in the National School Games Singapore, which are listed below:

1. The National School Games Singapore also serves as a pathway for talented student-athletes to showcase their skills and potentially represent Singapore at higher levels of competition. 

2. Outstanding athletes from the National School Games may be identified and selected for the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) or the National School Games Development Squad. These programs provide additional training and support to nurture their potential and develop them into elite athletes.

3. Apart from the competitive aspect, the NSG emphasizes the importance of discipline, respect, and resilience. 

4. It encourages students to strive for personal growth, not just in terms of sporting achievements but also in character development. The event promotes a fair play and teamwork culture, fostering friendships and camaraderie among the participants.

5. The National School Games also promotes inclusivity by offering opportunities for students with disabilities to participate. The SSSC collaborates with the Disabled People’s Association (DPA) to organize adaptive sports competitions, allowing students with disabilities to showcase their abilities and compete alongside their counterparts.

Recognition in Singapore:

The National School Games have gained significant popularity and recognition in Singapore in recent years. It attracts large audiences, including parents, teachers, and fellow students, who come to support and cheer for their respective schools. The event receives extensive media coverage, with highlights and results reported in newspapers, online platforms, and televised broadcasts.


Overall, the National School Games in Singapore is a highly anticipated event in the school calendar. It provides a platform for students to engage in competitive sports, foster teamwork and sportsmanship, and develop their talents. It plays a vital role in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among Singaporean youth and contributes to the overall development of students athletically and personally.

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