December 7, 2023

Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

  • October 10, 2023
Top 10 Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore

Do you want to appear your best? All of us do! Aside from frequent visits to opulent spas for facials and massages, visiting top beauty clinics is a simple way to achieve flawless beauty. Let’s talk about the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore and their cosmetic procedures. They’ll keep you in excellent condition so you can bid wrinkles, fine lines, double chins, and other imperfections goodbye.

Singapore’s  best aesthetic medical centers

  • V Medical Aesthetic and Laser Clinic 

V Medical Aesthetics and Laser Clinic is Singapore’s most prominent medical aesthetics group, with over 30 board-certified physicians and 14 clinic sites island-wide. They are regarded as among the top beauty clinics because of the best consultation with a face-slimming, non-surgical facelift, or pigmentation removal expert.

Does scarring and pigmentation worry you? Pico laser treatments for a more even complexion are among its hallmark procedures. Try the HiFu or 4D laser facelift for a rejuvenating procedure if you want to seem more youthful. The V-shape face slimming procedure may suit you if you want a defined jawline. Make an appointment for a consultation for professional guidance on the best course of action for your skin goals. Other services, including treatments for eyes and acne, are also offered.

  • Become Aesthetics Clinic

Become Aesthetics Clinic focuses on safe and clinically validated cosmetic services. These professionals, led by a group of five medical aesthetic physicians, specialize in cutting-edge anti-aging skin and face treatments to make you look younger. You can trust Become Aesthetics Clinic to care for you because they have received over 500 excellent social media reviews!

Laser and injectable procedures are used as treatments to address various issues, including pigmentation, scars, acne, skin laxity, dullness, and more. Speak to one of the doctors to find the most efficient and specialized therapy for your area of concern, whether it be non-invasive procedures to remove a double chin or injections to lessen the look of wrinkles. Accessing the clinic will also be a snap because it has three facilities in prime downtown areas that are all close to the MRT.

  • Illumia Medicia 

Visit Illumia Medical for customized medical aesthetic treatments from medical professionals focusing on long-term solutions rather than merely band-aid fixes for beauty upgrades! This one-stop aesthetic clinic in Orchard and Katong is your best bet for long-lasting improvements.

Try the illumia Elite IQ 5D Reju-Lift for refreshed skin and a more defined face. It is performed by the Medical Director, Dr. Ram Nath, who has more than 20 years of aesthetic experience and combines a thread lift and facial rejuvenation. Looking for a facelift without surgery? For the Illumia Ulthera 360 Non-Surgical Facelift, which combines Ulthera with a skin booster for a raised and tighter-looking appearance, ask Dr. Ong Xiang Ning. She will take care of you. The Illumia Botox + Pico Laser by Dr. Jason Lau is another preferred option. Using botox as a preventative approach to delay the appearance of lines and wrinkles, this therapy promises cleaner, brighter skin. Visit Illumia Medical to learn more about the services it offers!

  • Shakura Pigmentation Clinic 

This Japanese expert in whitening and pigmentation might resolve your pigmentation issues. Milk essence and the hibiscus sabdariffa flower, often known as roselle, are combined in its Shakura Active Formula, utilized in all its cosmetic treatments to heal and hydrate skin. The first step in a visit to this facility is a skin analysis so that the specialists can create a personalized strategy for you. The distinctive Shakura Miroko Whitening Treatment helps to fade dark spots so you can have the clear skin you’ve always desired. Next, it’s all about that glow.

  • See Aesthetics and Medical Clinic

Dr. Joseph See, a specialist in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine, runs this clinic, which uses safe and efficient technologies in a discreet, exclusive setting. A professional treatment is available for you if you want to get rid of cellulite, dark circles, moles, spider veins, or drooping skin. Advanced pulsed light therapy, botox, fillers, and CoolSculpting are among the treatments available for removing fat and rejuvenating the skin.

  • Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Edwin Lim founded this aesthetic clinic, which is a reputable, secure, and efficient provider of treatments for medical aesthetics supported by evidence. By improving their faces with minimally invasive procedures, he hopes to empower his patients. That means you’ll have little to no recovery time following treatment, allowing you to resume your normal activities quickly!

Dr. Lim tailors the treatment to your skin type and needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, ensuring you receive the precise answers you require. Several choices are available, including laser treatments for acne and pigmentation, botox and dermal fillers for facial augmentation, and laser removal of moles and acne scars. Schedule a consultation to determine your needs. With numerous Google testimonials and happy customers, they assure you the best service.

  • The Lifestyle Clinic 

Looking for a customized remedy to deal with prevalent problems like acne or pigmentation? Visit The Lifestyle Clinic to receive a customized beauty treatment. The aesthetic clinic on Orchard Road is one of the top beauty clinics that provide services like hair loss therapy, face tightening, rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, and permanent laser hair removal for both men and women. Profhilo, Juvederm Filler, Hydrafacial, Thermage Face or Thermage Eyes, Rejuran Healer, and Obagi Blue Peel, to mention a few, are popular among beauty fans.

The facility is renowned for its treatments for acne and scar removal. Founder Dr. Komathy advises an isotretinoin treatment regimen lasting up to 10 months for moderate to severe acne scarring. Or a combination of two to three procedures, such as chemical peels, to lessen acne breakouts and scars. Despite having a fancy address, The Lifestyle Clinic has affordable prices so your wallet won’t suffer.

  • Freia Medical 

Drs. Harold Ma, Toby Hui, and Joanna Chan, who together have 35 years of aesthetic medicine experience, are Freia Medical’s founders. This lets you know that you’re in capable hands. The crew stays current with the finest practices thanks to ongoing equipment updates and skill upgrades. You can be sure to receive excellent care at this top-rated aesthetics clinic in Singapore whether you choose to have FUE hair transplants, dermal fillers, botox, skin lifting with Ultherapy or Sofwave, laser treatment for hyperpigmentation, fat freezing (removal), or tattoo removal.

  • The Clifford Clinic 

You’ve come to the perfect place if you’re a busy professional who wants to eliminate the signs of stress on your face. The Clifford Clinic provides non-invasive aesthetic procedures with little recovery time so that you can resume living your best life. You’ll be in capable hands with various services that concentrate on the face, hair, body, skin, and eyes. Simply express your worries to these professionals, who will provide you with the most excellent care, whether for hair loss, stretch mark removal, or eye wrinkles.

Esthe Clinic 

With more than 20 years in business, EstheClinic is praised for its modern technology that is secure and non-invasive and produces long-lasting benefits. Stop by for a consultation so the experts can create a unique strategy for your requirements. Its motto of “no pain, only gain” promises to produce the best outcomes with the least amount of discomfort or downtime, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. Choose from procedures including skin tightening, whitening, cellulite reduction, and IPL hair removal.

This list compiled some of the best aesthetic clinics in Singapore. With the help of these top beauty clinics ‘ assistance, you’ll appear immaculate in no time.

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