February 21, 2024

Revolutionizing The FinTech Sector: An Exclusive Interview With Dr Gordon R Clarke

  • February 1, 2024
Revolutionizing The FinTech Sector: An Exclusive Interview With Dr Gordon R Clarke

Innovative solutions and technological advancements have uplifted and shaped the current market scenario. Amidst this, industry experts like Dr Gordon R Clarke are at the forefront of this revolutionary transformation. As the Owner and Managing Director of Monetics, Gordon R Clarke is a leader in the movement towards change in banking and payments technology.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Gordon to explore his journey, from the beginning of his career to his ambitious plans for the industry. In this insightful interview, Gordon speaks about his early life, company performance, triumphs, and fostering collaboration while offering invaluable suggestions for beginners.

Join us as we delve deeper into Gordon R Clarke’s visions and perspectives, an innovative leader shaping the future of FinTech and inspiring a generation of aspiring entrepreneurs.

A Glimpse Of Gordon’s Journey

We were intrigued to learn more about Gordon’s journey. So, we first asked, “Can you please provide us with some information about yourself, including your early life and education?”

Gordon R Clarke said, “My undergraduate studies were in Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, where I earned my BA and MA. I then received my PhD from the City University, London. I am a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered IT Professional, a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, and a member of the British Computer Society. I began my career in Information Technology at the Bank of England. Subsequently, I worked for major international management consulting firms, including Deloitte Haskins and Sells, Coopers & Lybrand, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the UK, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions.

I was a Partner of PwC Consulting in Australia and then led PwC’s Financial Services consulting business across Eastern Europe and the Middle East during the e-business revolution. I am now Managing Director of Monetics, a worldwide network company of FinTech professionals based in Singapore, established originally in 2002.”

Expanding In A New Horizon

We also wanted to learn about the presence of Gordon’s company, Monetics, in the Singapore region and why he chose to move to the same. So, we inquired, “Could you tell us about your company and its presence in Singapore?”

He shared, “Monetics was originally set up in Cyprus in 2002 and moved to Singapore in 2015 as the geographical balance of our work shifted from the Middle East to Asia. Singapore was chosen as a headquarters because of the business-friendly environment and the relatively simple rules for setting up companies and regular administrative reporting. Singapore is an ideal hub for a company that has enjoyed successful engagements across six continents.”

Annual Progress and Triumphs

Eager to delve deeper into the company’s recent progress, we inquired, “How has the year been for your company in terms of overall performance and achievements?”

Gordon R Clarke shared, “2023 has been a reasonably good year, although some of our clients have faced significant challenges. The past 2 or 3 years’ outstanding achievements have mainly concerned getting into the heart of innovative developments in digital currencies and digital assets, especially Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) projects, and how CBDCs can become interoperable with conventional Financial Market Infrastructures.

We have also been exploring the potential for tokenization of commercial bank deposits and stablecoins as a means for banks to benefit from the digital assets revolution and the power of new technologies, especially private permissioned blockchains, AI, and machine learning.

Setting Monetics Apart

Delivering distinctive services is essential for a business to succeed in the long run and to have a strong brand presence. To learn how Gordon’s company ensures the same, we questioned, “In the current competitive market, what does your business offer that sets it apart from others?”

Gordon responded enthusiastically, “Our experience and capabilities in CBDCs and digital assets and understanding of the forthcoming changes in the securities industry brought about by tokenization of securities and use of distributed ledger technology puts us in a solid position to support financial services clients in these exciting and often bewildering new areas, which are driven both by technological change and the evolution of customer needs in the industry as digitalization rushes ahead.

We have good experience with the vital link between digital financial services and national digitalization programs and the following changes in cross-border payments, trade finance, and supply chain integration. Having worked in many Islamic countries, we also understand some of the implications of the new technologies for Islamic Finance.”

He added, “Coming from an extensive background in conventional payment systems – cards and interbank payments – we can advise clients on the interfacing and integrating of old and new technologies to make the most of legacy and new investments. Our strong track record in conventional Financial Market Infrastructures helps us to identify and capture the benefits.

We can deliver practical advice on cybersecurity and data center infrastructures suitable for using the new methods and instruments efficiently. We have very low overheads compared to larger firms and can therefore offer advice and assistance, representing good value for money.”

Promoting A Healthy Work Environment

The team’s strong collaboration is another prerequisite for business success. So, we asked, “What measures do you believe employees and organizations can take to build effective teamwork and foster unity within the workplace?”

Gordon R Clarke shared, “Effective and frequent communication is the basis of teamwork, but as the pandemic has taught us, that does not mean sitting together in an expensive office or wasting time on unnecessary commuting and travel. We use a project management system that builds on those used by large organizations but without the excessive overheads of cumbersome methodologies.

We work to deliver results to clients on time and within budget, with every team member committed to both client and personal goals. The client is always the focus of attention, which provides unity of purpose.”

Tips For Startups

Seeking guidance, we concluded the interview by asking, “Do you have any advice or tips for startups looking to follow a similar pathway to your company’s success?

Low overheads, good communication, selecting the right person for the job, and maintaining strong networks of clients and professional experts are key factors. Client focus is essential for success.” Gordon concluded.

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