December 7, 2023

Common Curtain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

  • August 20, 2023
Common Curtain Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

When people start to decorate any place such as home, office etc. then they often does some negligence in curtain cleaning. But this is a big mistake they do while doing the decoration. Curtain is considered one of the most beautiful décor. There are few people who have an aesthetic sense, and will obviously do a proper curtain cleaning to maintain the aesthetics of that specific place.

Mostly at the time of decoration, we try to incorporate something or remove something so that the place can be attractive to outsiders. There are various types of services available for curtain cleaning in Singapore. Sometimes people can’t get enough time to do proper cleaning of the curtains due to having some busy schedules. At that time they can rely on the cleaning services while wanting a perfection of cleaning.

Want to know further details about it? Then it can be said that you are at the right place. Just keep your patience up during the time of reading.

Why it’s important to do a curtain cleaning? 

It’s the nature of human beings that they don’t give their full effort in anything unless know about the importance of it. So, in the case of curtain cleaning one should know the importance, so that the person will try to give the full effort while doing the cleaning. After understanding the importance of curtain cleaning anyone will try to manage some time for doing it even though it seems quite impossible for that person to manage some time from the hectic schedule.

  • Proper curtain cleaning can be helpful in decoration.
  • The one who wants to extend the life span of curtains should obviously go for a curtain cleaning as cleaning can help to reduce the chance of potential damage.
  • Sometimes through cleaning, it’s possible to remove the dust particles which stay in the curtains
  • The one who has symptoms of allergy, as well as asthma, can get some relief by cleaning the curtains as these can hold the allergens.

It’s important to know that any type of cleaning can take a vital role in decoration as no one can appreciate the decorations when the environment is nasty. There is no one who wants to see a beautiful place with some unwashed curtains. So it will be better to think about curtain cleaning.

Some mistakes which should be avoided during curtain cleaning –

The quality of the curtain’s fabrics is generally very delicate. it’s really important to do proper cleaning with great care so that there are no consequences of damage. One should know about the right methods of cleaning the curtains.

This blog can be helpful for that person who wants to know the possible mistakes of curtain cleaning and tries not to do the same mistakes next time. Be aware of the mistakes which are described below –

Make a wrong decision while choosing the inappropriate cleaning reagents – 

All the curtains are not of the same quality. Every curtain is different from each other on the basis of style and quality. The fabrics of the curtains are also different. So it’s a common thing to understand that when there’s no similarity between each of the curtains then how will it be possible to apply the same cleaning reagent for every curtain?

It’s not possible. Sometimes people want to save money while buying cleaning reagents. It’s a big mistake they do. One should understand the type of fabric. After understanding the type try to choose the cleaning reagents accordingly to get the finest results. Maximum time people don’t understand why the curtain gets shrink.

Dry the curtains on excessive sun heat –

When people do the curtain cleaning on their own then they do this mistake as they don’t have the proper knowledge. After cleaning they try to keep the curtains outside for drying. But when one keeps the curtains outside for hours to dry then that person doesn’t consider the possible consequences of damages. Though there are various types of curtains in the market but most of the time the fabrics on it are delicate. It’s very rare to see such a curtain with fabric that doesn’t have any delicacy.

So during the time of cleaning one should be aware of this fact. It’s true that sun heat is necessary for drying. But one should consider the time of exposure. If anyone doesn’t consider this and keeps the curtains outside then the curtains may shrink due to the excessive sun heat.

Choosing the cleaning appliances which are not appropriate –

Someone should spend some time doing research on the appropriate cleaning appliances for curtains while thinking of buying. It’s just a waste of money if the appliance is not appropriate for the specific curtains. Most homeowners do this kind of mistake. They don’t try to understand the quality of the curtain’s material while applying the machines. Besides curtains cleaning sometimes it becomes necessary to do a sofa cleaning also during the decoration. But it’s not possible to clean the sofa without taking some help from professionals.

Due to this reason, some people go for sofa cleaning services. The professionals use the appropriate appliances as they have great knowledge in this field. Nowadays most of us have a washing machine at home. So maximum time the homeowners try to clean the curtains with this machine. Yeah, there’s no doubt that this is a good choice for saving some time. But before cleaning the curtains one should know whether the curtains are meant for machine washing or it’s better to do the cleaning with hands.

Not wearing protective clothes while cleaning the curtains –

Will be possible to concentrate on cleaning if there’s a burning sensation on your hand? Obviously, no one can concentrate on curtain cleaning when this situation comes. Generally, it happens during cleaning due to the use of harsh cleaning reagents. One should be very careful about choosing the cleaning reagents. It’s important to know about its harshness.

Nowadays maximum people are suffering from various types of skin diseases. Who can guarantee that the harsh cleaning reagents cannot be the reason for this? It may happen that the cleaning reagents can cause irritations to anyone’s skin. Besides this, the harsh reagents can be able to damage the delicacy of the curtains.

Do not maintain the consistency of curtain cleaning –

It’s important to maintain the consistency of cleaning to get maximum benefits. There are many people who don’t maintain consistency and neglect to do the cleaning on a regular basis. The cleaning job becomes quite tough as the curtains are full of dust due to not doing the cleaning on a regular basis.

If the curtains are not cleaned frequently then there’s a chance of experiencing some health issues like breathing problems, allergies etc. If there’s really a difficulty in cleaning the curtains, then it’s important to hire some professionals who can solve this situation. But remember this can cost high. So try to do the cleaning on a regular basis to get rid of the expenses.


It’s quite sure that now you have gathered enough knowledge about the basic mistakes which are done at the time of curtain cleaning. Besides this, anyone who reads this blog with great concentration can get some ideas about how to avoid those mistakes. So, why take so much time for cleaning the curtains? Just go for it with the right approach and get most of the benefits.

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