December 7, 2023

Taylor Swift reaction on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce

  • October 7, 2023
Taylor Swift reaction on Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce

There might be innumerable news and novelties happening in the world. But the attention a celebrity divorce grabs is incredible. Recently, we heard a lot about the celebrity divorce happening between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, There have been innumerable gossip and fake news revolving around the couple’s married life and divorce. To some point, much of this gossip originates from the truth, and the others can just be fans’ reactions to the couple’s buzzing activities. So, let us find out the truth behind the scenes of Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas’s relationship and get to know some details of the couple’s past relationship. 

The divorce procedures between Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are becoming tumultuous as they prepare to call time on their union. After four years of marriage, the Jonas Brother singer filed for divorce from Turner in September, claiming their relationship was “irretrievably broken.” Following that, there was a tabloid back-and-forth with various, sometimes contradictory explanations for their abrupt breakup.

Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift’s past relationship

An overview of their seven-year romance is essential when discussing their separation: They initially connected after Jonas slipped into Turner’s DMs in 2016. On New Year’s Day 2017, the pair officially declared their romance on Instagram. They adopted Porky in September 2017, and in October, they made their engagement public. After attending the Billboard Music Awards, the pair wed on May 1, 2019, in a secret ceremony at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. On June 29, 2019, the couple remarried in Sarrians, France, in a lavisher ceremony. Turner and Jonas had two children; the first was a daughter named Willa, born on July 22, 2021, and the second was born in July 2022. (They haven’t disclosed the name of the second kid.)

Of course, Swift’s comments about Jonas breaking up with her when she was a teenager are well-known. When asked about her breakup with Jonas in November 2008, an 18-year-old Swift said to Ellen DeGeneres, “We haven’t talked since [the breakup], actually. Therefore, it’s like, “Yeah, but what?” I will find the best person who is perfect for me one day. Later, she added, “Oh, it’s okay. Everything is fine. I’m mellow. I tell you what. It’s as if when I meet the ideal person who would be excellent for me, I won’t even be able to recall the boy who dumped me on the phone after only 25 seconds when I was 18 years old.

Swift expressed guilt for putting Jonas “on blast” eleven years earlier. She remarked in 2019 that they now find it amusing. “Yeah, that was mouthy teenage stuff.”

The Couple Files For Divorce 

After both Jonas and Turner were photographed leaving their wedding bands at home, rumors that Jonas had hired a divorce attorney started to spread. Soon later, on September 1, Jonas petitioned for divorce from Turner in Miami, alleging “the marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken.” Jonas and Turner published a “statement from the two of us” on their Instagram pages the day following the divorce filing, confirming the details. On September 9, the Jonas Brothers performed in Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium, where Jonas appeared to address his breakup with Turner and many online rumors that had already started circulating in tabloids.

Regarding their relationship Jonas and Turner, on September 5, Jonas filed for divorce. The couple issued a joint statement in the midst of sources on Jonas’ side trying to cast Turner in a negative light while talking about the split (The View hosts even called out those sources’ sexism).

They stated, “After four incredibly happy years of marriage, we have decided to end our marriage amicably.” There are many possible explanations, but in reality, this is a shared choice, and we genuinely hope that everyone would respect our wishes for our family’s privacy and that of our children.

Taylor Swift’s support for Sophie Turner

After suing her divorced spouse, Joe Jonas, for custody of their two children to bring them back to England, Sophie Turner had friends to turn to, including Taylor Swift. Turner’s court filing made national news yesterday for disclosing information about their relationship and subsequent breakup, to which Jonas’ representative responded. Taylor Swift would be the ideal person for Turner to vent to about her breakup with Jonas. During a night out in New York City, the two celebrities appeared to get along despite their now-shared ex, which lit up the internet. As they entered Temple Bar on Lafayette Street from a restaurant, the two were seen joining arms.

How did Taylor Swift react to the separation of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner?

 Sophie Turner and Taylor Swift were pictured together on September 19, 2023. The 1989 artist’s arm was shown in photos taken by Page Six while out for dinner in New York City. Taylor was photographed on Monday with Laura Dern and Zoe Kravitz earlier in the week, while on Saturday night, she dined with Blake Lively.

Turner has frequently shown her Swiftie side throughout her marriage to Jonas. She recently told her TikTok fans that “1989” is among her all-time favorite albums. “Incredible. Bangers.”

By supporting Turner and figuratively joining arms with her, Taylor Swift responded to last night’s misogynistic coverage of the Sophie Turner-Joe Jonas split.

The singer’s representative told media outlets that Turner had been informed of Jonas’ divorce petition after her court filing, in which she stated that she had “found out through the media” that he had done so. As Florida is the proper jurisdiction for the matter, Joe started divorce procedures thereafter many talks with Sophie, according to a statement from Jonas’ representative. Joe’s intention to divorce was known to Sophie. According to the statement, the Florida Court has already issued an injunction prohibiting either parent from moving the children. This order was delivered to Sophie on September 6, 2023, more than two weeks ago.

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