February 21, 2024

Amid Fighting with Rebels, Border Guards from Myanmar Evacuate to Bangladesh

  • February 5, 2024

Dhaka As combat between rebel forces in Myanmar and the junta rule has intensified, at least 95 border guards from that country have fled to Bangladesh, some of them injured, officials in Bangladesh stated on Monday, February 5.

On Monday, mortar rounds fired from Myanmar during skirmishes there crossed the border and killed at least two people in Bangladesh.

The junta’s greatest task since launching a coup against an elected government in 2021 is quelling a brutal uprising that has seen allied anti-junta militias supported by a parallel government that supports democracy capture control of multiple military installations and cities.

In Bangladesh’s southeast tourist area of Cox’s Bazar, where about a million Muslims from Myanmar dwell in bamboo and plastic hut camps after escaping a military crackdown there in 2017, shooting was audible from across the Myanmar border.

According to Shariful Islam, a spokesman for Border Guard Bangladesh, members of the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) crossed into Bangladesh armed, and fifteen of them sustained gunshot wounds. The injured individuals were treated at various hospitals.

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