December 7, 2023

Things You Can Do In Sentosa Island singapore

  • April 7, 2023
Things You Can Do In Sentosa Island singapore

Sentosa Island Singapore is famous for its gigantic Resorts, which have many fun things to see and do. Sentosa Island is home to all the best beaches in Singapore. This artificial island is accessible through a small bridge from the main Singapore island. It is a jam-packed island with many entertaining things geared toward families and kids. 

Visiting Sentosa Island is like embarking on a roller coaster ride with no stops. This island is magical with myriad experiences and going from one high to another. 

From a luxurious stay to witnessing mesmerizing Wings of Time, laser show, visiting beaches, and thrilling adventure parks, you will always need more time to do things that Sentosa Island Singapore offers. Below are some listed places to cherish in Sentosa Island Singapore

How to reach Sentosa Island?

The fastest and easiest way to go to Sentosa Island is by taking the MRT and Sentosa Express. Sentosa Island is accessible by car, bus, monorail, cable, and on foot. 

For those going to Sentosa by train, take the MRT to Harbourfront Station at the North East line. After reaching the MRT station, enter the Vivo City shopping mall, then go to the third floor to get to the Sentosa Monorail Station. Purchase a train ticket and ride to Sentosa. 

Those planning to go by bus can take bus number 123 to reach Sentosa directly. 

Entry is through Sentosa Gateway Bridge for those driving or taxiing into Sentosa. 

It is possible to walk to Sentosa using the Sentosa Boardwalk. 

What to do in Sentosa Island Singapore 

Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island

Many attractions are there on Sentosa Island, so let’s explore in detail which places to visit. 

1. Universal Studios 

Universal Studios consists of themed rides, live shows, and Hollywood movie setups. Multiple sections include Hollywood, New York, Ancient Egypt, and Madagascar, which will take you on a geographical and cinematic journey. It is more appealing to the kids, and the variety of parks shows that there is something for everybody. Sentosa Island Singapore also displays white knuckle rides, massive roller coasters, and live movie scenes

2. Sea Aquarium Singapore 

A beautiful attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore, is the sea aquarium. It is the largest aquarium in the WorldWorld with 360-degree 4D multi-sensory shipwreck stimulation and has more than 100,000 marine species, which means that the aquarium has 800 species across 49 habitats. 

Besides, Sea Aquarium is your ticket to experience the underwater World through attractions like the Touch Pool, the Maritime Experiential Museum, and the Open Ocean habitat, which will make you feel like you are sitting on the ocean floor. 

3. IFly Singapore

IFly in Sentosa Island, Singapore, is the World’s giant wind tunnel for indoor skydiving. It is situated under Sentosa Beach Station, and IFly gives an individual a complete flying experience with its 5-story tunnel where winds blow up to 180 km/hr.

4. Sentosa Merlion 

Sentosa Merlion is one of the top attractions in Sentosa Island, Singapore. Merlion, the legendary mythical creature with a lion’s head and a fish’s body, is an example of the history of Singapore. It is regarded as the Guardian of prosperity. Situated at the 37-meter-tall Sentosa Merlion Tower, the statue has been attracting countless visitors from around the WorldWorld. This place’s beautiful panoramic view of the sea is another plus point. 

5. Fort Siloso

Fort Siloso is a military museum that is located on Sentosa Island. This museum showcases the history of Singapore’s military and Fort Siloso’s role during World War II. You can explore the fort and its underground tunnels and bunkers and learn about the guns and artillery used during the war.

6. Trick Eye Museum 

The Trick Eye Museum is an interactive museum that uses optical illusions and 3D paintings to create a unique and immersive experience. You can take pictures of the exhibits and become a part of the artwork. The museum has different themed zones like the Circus, the Safari, and the Fantasy.

7. A Cable Car Ride 

If you want a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island and the surrounding area, you should take a cable car ride. The cable car ride starts from Mount Faber, the highest point in Singapore, and takes you over Sentosa Island and the harbor. You can ride in a standard or glass-bottomed cabin for a more thrilling experience.

8. Wing of Time Show

The Wings of Time Show is a spectacular outdoor show that combines water, fire, and laser effects with music and storytelling. This show occurs in the evening and is a perfect way to end a day at Sentosa Island. The show features several acts, including the Garden of Time, the Sea of Dreams, and the Water Fountain.

9. Sentosa 4D Adventureland

The Sentosa 4D Adventureland is a 4D movie theater that offers a thrilling experience with motion, wind, and water effects. You can choose from movie titles such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Desperados, and Extreme Log Ride. This attraction in Sentosa Island, Singapore, is perfect for families and children.

10. Sentosa Nature Discovery 

The Sentosa Nature Discovery is a nature exhibition showcasing Sentosa Island’s flora and fauna. This exhibition has several interactive exhibits that educate visitors about the different ecosystems and habitats on the island. You can take a guided tour of the nature trails and learn about the history of Sentosa Island


Sentosa Island Singapore is a must-visit destination in Singapore, and there is no shortage of things to do and see on this island. From adrenaline-pumping activities to relaxing on the beach, there is something for everyone. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or solo, Sentosa Island has it all.

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