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Best Drama and Theatre Classes for Kids in Singapore

  • December 26, 2023
Best Drama and Theatre Classes for Kids in Singapore

Singapore’s vibrant theatre scene offers many options for aspiring actors and drama enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Navigating many classes and workshops can be overwhelming, so we’ve curated a guide to Singapore’s latest and most acclaimed drama classes and theatre classes for kids.

Renowned for its immersive and practical approach, Wild Rice Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum for children and adults. With classes like “First Stage” for younger ones and “Actor’s Studio” for advanced learners, the academy fosters a supportive environment for creative exploration and growth.

  • Centre Stage School of the Arts

Established in 1999, Centre Stage boasts a rich legacy and diverse programs. From introductory workshops like “Unlocking Your Inner Actor” to advanced classes in directing and playwriting, the school caters to all levels and interests.

  • Sing Theatre Academy

Sing Theatre Academy is led by award-winning professionals and offers a dynamic curriculum focused on contemporary performance styles. Their “Young Company” program nurtures young talent, while specialized workshops in areas like musical theatre and improvisation provide valuable industry insights.

  • Intercultural Theatre Institute 

 ITI emphasizes experimentation and cross-cultural exchange through its diverse offerings. Their “Actor Training Programme” goes beyond traditional techniques, delving into physical theatre and devised performance. ITI’s workshops in areas like mask work and voice training also provide unique skill-building opportunities.

  • Play Acting Drama Centre

 Focused on professional development, the Play Acting Drama Centre offers intensive workshops led by established directors and actors. Their “Scene Study Intensive” and “Monologue Masterclass” programs provide invaluable insights into character development and performance techniques.

  • MADDspace

 This multi-disciplinary arts hub offers a unique blend of drama, dance, and music classes. Their “Theatre Bootcamp” is designed for individuals seeking a holistic training experience, while their “Improvisation Jam” sessions provide a fun and dynamic platform to hone spontaneity and comedic timing.

  • The Theatre Practice

Led by award-winning playwright and director Ong Keng Sen, The Theatre Practice offers a distinctive approach to theatre education. Their “Studio Practice” program allows participants to explore contemporary performance practices through workshops and mentorship.

  • Lorna Whiston Schools

Renowned for its emphasis on communication and public speaking, Lorna Whiston Schools offers drama classes as part of its holistic education program. These classes provide valuable skills in confidence building and articulation, beneficial for both stage and life.

  • The Improv Company

 Embracing the power of spontaneity, The Improv Company offers introductory and advanced improvisation classes for all ages. Their playful and dynamic approach fosters creativity, teamwork, and quick thinking, making it a valuable skill for actors and non-actors.

  • ACT 3 Drama Academy

 This academy, lauded for its holistic approach, offers a comprehensive curriculum for all ages. Their “Foundations in Acting” lays the groundwork for stage presence and character development, while advanced classes in “Scene Study” and “Monologue Performance” hone nuanced acting skills.

  • Buds Theatre

Nestled in Joo Chiat, Buds Theatre nurtures young talent with age-appropriate classes like “Creative Playtime” for little ones and “Teen Acting Ensemble” for budding performers. Their emphasis on improvisation and storytelling fosters confidence and creative expression.

  • The Necessary Stage

Embracing contemporary narratives, The Necessary Stage’s “Actor Training Programme” delves into social issues and devised performance. This intensive program, led by industry veterans, equips actors with the tools to tackle complex roles and engage audiences in thought-provoking theatre.

  • Panggung BANGKOK

This dynamic space celebrates Asian theatre and offers diverse workshops. Their “Scenic Design Masterclass” delves into set creation, while “Lighting Design for Performance” illuminates the art of visual storytelling. Panggung BANGKOK empowers individuals to contribute to the magic behind the scenes.

  • Drama Box

This non-profit organization champions experimental theatre and offers workshops in technical theatre. Their “Sound Design for Stage” program explores the power of audio, while “Stage Management Essentials” equips participants with the skills to keep productions running smoothly.

  • Write Around Singapore

 This organization celebrates storytelling in all its forms and offers workshops in playwriting for different levels. Their “Write Your Play” program guides participants through crafting a play, while “Advanced Playwriting” hones skills for experienced writers.

This list is just a glimpse into Singapore’s vibrant tapestry of drama and theatre classes. Always research programs thoroughly, attend open houses, and talk to instructors to find your perfect fit. With dedication and a touch of stage magic, you can find Singapore’s best and most dynamic theatre classes.

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