December 7, 2023

Benefits Of Having Electric Vehicles In Singapore

  • April 5, 2023
Benefits Of Having Electric Vehicles In Singapore

Gas prices are increasing arguably due to different sociopolitical and economic forces. Also, humans burn fossil fuels, leading to a temperature rise. “Are electric vehicles worth the investment? “before determining whether to opt for an electric vehicle, it is essential to understand the advantages of electric vehicles. 

Moreover, electric vehicles have been gaining popularity worldwide in recent years, and Singapore is no exception. The Business Times reports that Singapore has significantly pushed to adopt electric vehicles in 2021. 

The government influenced it by announcing initiatives encouraging customers to choose that. With its small size and urban density, Singapore is particularly well-suited to using EVs. In this blog post, we will showcase the benefits of having electric vehicles in Singapore.

Electric Vehicles in Singapore

Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles

1. Eco-friendly to the Environment

An electric vehicle functions on an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine that burns fossil fuels Or gases. The main benefit of Singapore using electric vehicles in Singapore is the zero emissions of carbon dioxide. We can significantly reduce this number by switching to EVs and contributing to a cleaner environment. 

2. Lower Fuel costs 

Electric fuel costs in Singapore are cheaper than petrol or diesel powered by electricity. This means charging an EV with a 60 kWh battery would cost around $14.40, providing a range of approximately 400 km. In contrast, filling up a petrol car with a 40-litre tank would cost about $68, providing a range of roughly 600 km. This means EVs are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective in the long run.

3 Easy to drive 

The electric vehicles in Singapore are identified as the most user-friendly vehicles. Electric vehicles come with transmission and with one gear. Besides, there is no harmful impact on the Environment which adds to the benefits of using electric cars in Singapore

4. Reduced Noise Pollution 

One of the lesser-known benefits of electric vehicles is that they produce significantly less noise than traditional petrol or diesel cars. This is particularly important in Singapore, where noise pollution is a significant issue in urban areas. EVs produce virtually no engine noise, making them much quieter than traditional vehicles.

5.Cost and battery life 

Batteries are an essential component for adopting electric vehicles in Singapore. in Singapore, and the government has introduced a range of incentives. These incentives make EVs more affordable and attractive to consumers, encouraging them to switch to electric vehicles. It is assumed that the cost of these batteries will decrease as technology advances. 

6. Low Maintenance Cost 

The lifespan of electric vehicles in Singapore saves money in the long run and relieves the burden of difficulties. The brakes on electric vehicles last longer than that of a regular vehicle. 

7. Improved Air Quality 

Air pollution is a significant problem in many urban areas, and Singapore is no exception. Electric vehicles are better than diesel-powered vehicles, which can harm human health. By switching to electric vehicles, we can significantly reduce the amount of pollution in the air, improving the health of Singaporeans. This is particularly important for children, older people, and those with respiratory problems.

8. Enhanced Energy Security 

Singapore relies heavily on imported oil to meet its energy needs. By switching to electric vehicles, we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil and enhance our energy security. This is particularly important in times of global uncertainty, where oil supply disruptions can significantly impact Singapore’s economy. By embracing EVs, we can diversify our energy sources and become more resilient to global shocks.

9. Electricity can be renewed, unlike petrol and diesel 

Electric vehicle charging is simple, cost-effective and convenient. Many hours of charging will allow you to wake up with a full battery. Fast charging enables your electric vehicle to charge within minutes. Electric vehicle charging stations are also available at intervals for the convenience of Singaporeans. 

10. Increased Energy Efficiency

Electric vehicles in Singapore are much more energy-efficient than traditional petrol or diesel cars. This is because they convert a higher percentage of the energy stored in their batteries into motion, whereas classic cars waste a significant amount of energy through heat and friction.

11. Improved Health 

In addition to reducing air pollution, electric vehicles in Singapore can positively impact public health in other ways. For example, they can reduce the number of 

traffic accidents on the roads, as they have lower acceleration speeds and quieter engines, making them less likely to cause accidents. 

12. Increased job opportunities

As the demand for electric vehicles in Singapore grows, new job opportunities will arise in battery manufacturing, EV charging infrastructure installation and maintenance, and EV repair and maintenance. This can lead to increased economic growth and job creation in Singapore, benefiting the economy.

13. Improves Quality of life 

Electric vehicles in Singapore can improve the quality of life for Singaporeans in many ways. As more people switch to EVs, our roads will become less congested and more pleasant to navigate, improving Singapore’s overall quality of life.


There are many benefits to having electric vehicles in Singapore. Government incentives make EVs more affordable and attractive to consumers, and they can enhance energy security and efficiency along with new job opportunities, and improve Singapore’s overall quality of life. As Singapore continues to move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future, electric vehicles in Singapore will play an essential role in achieving these goals.

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