December 7, 2023

Sustainable Living in the Lion City: Eco-Friendly Practices in Singapore

  • October 7, 2023
Sustainable Living in the Lion City: Eco-Friendly Practices in Singapore

If you don’t know where to begin, sustainability in Singapore may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to change every aspect of your life to live sustainably. Every decision we make has some environmental impact, so you may start the process with small swaps and constructive modifications that lessen your impact on the planet. It’s time to sit back and reconsider how we affect the environment. Where do you begin with the daunting task of lowering your carbon footprint and trying those eco-friendly practices? There are various ways to live sustainably in Singapore, from adopting the zero-waste lifestyle to shopping for eco-friendly necessities to experimenting with a clean beauty routine. You don’t need to wait until Earth Day to show Mother Nature some appreciation; come on! Just follow these green living tips, and you are good to go.

Opt For Fuel Free Transportation 

Do we really need more automobiles strangling the environment with exhaust fumes when our highways are already so crowded? Aside from that, why drive when you can pedal contentedly on beauty from one of Singapore’s best bike stores and rentals instead (and avoid paying the exorbitant COE prices)? A basic example of this is walking. One of the finest free ways to try eco-friendly practices is to do this.

Using E-Friendly Reusable Products 

The plastic bags from the stores and supermarkets throughout the island build up quickly! When you go grocery shopping, take a tote bag to reduce the amount of plastic you use. Alternatively, bring a small, foldable bag to tuck into your pocket or handbag. You’ll need it if you suddenly need to make a purchase. Additionally, you can choose environmentally friendly goods like shampoo bars, all-natural cosmetics, sustainable sanitary pad substitutes, and more.

Recycling and reducing waste

Reducing the amount of waste we produce is the first step in waste management among the green living tips. We can achieve this by being aware of our purchasing patterns and making deliberate decisions. Simple waste reduction techniques include avoiding single-use plastics, choosing products with little packaging, and choosing reusable items. Singapore has a robust recycling program, yet it serves little purpose if we aren’t recycling properly. Ensure you correctly separate your recyclables, including paper, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. Don’t forget to rinse your recyclables before throwing them away while you’re at it. Any leftover food or fluids shouldn’t contaminate the other items. Replace your single-use plastic bags with reusable bags as a pro tip. Recycling bags have improved dramatically since their significant, cumbersome predecessors, becoming convenient, roomy, and even (dare we say it?) adorable. To prepare for those impromptu days of shopping therapy, simply fold one up and tuck it in your handbag.

Energy Efficacy 

Making minor adjustments and wise decisions can sometimes be enough to practice sustainability in Singapore.  Without leaving your house, try this advice to embrace energy efficiency:

  • Invest in Energy Label-certified equipment to reduce electricity use without sacrificing functionality.
  • Upgrade to LED lighting, which is more durable and environmentally friendly than conventional bulbs.
  • Our humid and hot atmosphere frequently causes overuse of the air conditioner. Use fans to circulate cold air and set your air conditioning at a comfortable temperature to get the most out of it.

Conserving water

Water is a valuable resource, particularly in our dry nation. Let’s look at some water-saving techniques to cut down on water waste and guarantee a reliable water supply for future generations. Start by being aware of how much water you are using. Reduce the length of your showers and switch off the water while you brush your teeth or put on soap. To avoid water waste, be sure to address any leaks swiftly. Every drop that is conserved makes a big difference. Think about putting in water-saving fixtures like dual-flush toilets and low-flow showerheads. These gadgets contribute to less water use without sacrificing comfort.

Embrace Second-Hand Items 

Don’t bother with trendy items that you’ll discard in a month. For your shopping haul, visit antique and thrift stores. As an alternative, check for sustainable and circular fashion labels, or bring your gently used clothing to swap meets where you might unearth a hidden gem in someone else’s wardrobe.

The Love For Nature 

Keep in mind that the earth is not just yours. Volunteering at Singapore’s animal charities is a beautiful way to show your compassion for them. Also, always adopt a pet rather than buy one. Numerous stray cats and dogs are in desperate need of a new home. But if you believe owning a pet would be too demanding, start out small with houseplants. Visit a few plant nurseries, and you’ll soon live in a lush home. Oh, and did we mention that they purify the air in nature?

Tune In With The Outdoors 

With temperatures rising, the great outdoors might not seem quite so “great” these days, but you should still give Mother Earth another try. Spending time in nature has been demonstrated in studies to lower stress and anxiety levels. For our benefit, Singapore provides abundant hiking paths, secret gardens, lush running pathways, and even beautiful parks with panoramic views. Or you may simply relax at outdoor dining establishments for fun in the sun.

Sustainable alcohol, anyone?

Even alcoholic beverage businesses have joined the green movement. Hoppy drinkers can support the environment by downing beer from Lion Brewery Co. For each beer keg purchased since 2021, this artisan brewery has partnered with Greensteps Group to plant a tree in the Borneo and Kalimantan rainforests. Bars like Analogue Initiative and Native also do their part to protect the environment by using composting techniques, reusing leftover ingredients, and buying from vendors who prioritize sustainable business practices.

Give-up Plastic 

Plastic has a nasty reputation, and for good reason. Despite their usefulness, these annoying pests have found their way into the oceans and are progressively destroying marine life. Who can forget the disturbing footage of the turtle with the straw stuck in its nose? Visit our guide on eliminating plastic if you need assistance. By helping to clean up Singapore’s beaches as a volunteer, you may also directly improve the situation.

Become informed

Many documentaries that shed light on significant environmental issues can be found on streaming services. Check out David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, Our Planet, Brave Blue World, Seaspiracy, A Plastic Ocean, Chasing Coral, and Cowspiracy. Read Matthew Schneider-Mayerson’s Eating Chilli Crab in the Anthropocene for a view from the region. It is a compilation of writings about the effects of climate change on our Lion City.

Cut the lights off

We know this is essentially a no-brainer you have heard repeatedly. During the day, natural light is everything! However, you may wonder, “How will I get things done at night?” Instead, use scented candles to reduce energy and power usage before bed. For inspiration, peruse our guide on essential oils and aromatherapy. You’ll have elegant decorations shimmering throughout your room, and your apartment will also smell good.

If you start small, practicing sustainability in Singapore is easy-peasy. Who is willing to contribute to preserving the environment with these eco-friendly practices?

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