December 7, 2023

Singapore’s Hidden Beaches and Islands

  • October 20, 2023
Singapore’s Hidden Beaches and Islands

There isn’t much (or any) land or undiscovered islands in Singapore, so finding secluded areas accessible to tourists might be challenging, particularly if you’re considering beaches. Do you believe Singapore has a secluded, calm beach?  This island still has some surprises on its sleeve, which is a blessing. Get away to these secret beaches in Singapore for a day of the most sun and sea. Pack your bags and picnic baskets; although some traveling may involve, the wait will be worthwhile to explore these offbeat beach destinations of this place.

1. Coney Island

Follow the markers down the main path through Coney Island, and then turn to find one of the island’s secret beaches (we suggest Beach Area C). You might have to navigate bushes, trees, and even a boardwalk through a mangrove to get there. This is one of the undiscovered islands that is home to local macaques, so we wouldn’t recommend picnicking or sunbathing there, but it is a lovely place to stop for a break before continuing your hike. There are concrete steps along the ocean close to the island’s entrance if you don’t like sand.

2. Lazarus Island

A stretch of white sand surrounds stunning blue waters far from the city. No, Lazarus Island is the topic at hand instead of Boracay. Take the first ferry out at 9 a.m. on weekends and 10 a.m. on weekdays to claim the sands for yourself at this tranquil, unspoiled beach, one of the secret beaches of Singapore. Around noon, a second wave of beach bums arrive in their speedboats and yachts. Remember to carry all your necessities, including towels, mats, and floats, as Lazarus has no stores.

3. Punggol Beach

Public transportation actually makes Punggol Beach relatively accessible; there is a direct bus from Punggol that doesn’t need much walking, and there is lots of parking at the neighboring Punggol Promenade. Visit the pristine beach for a stroll or spend the day fishing at Punggol Jetty. Despite appearing serene, this beach has a rich history. Because the Japanese army killed numerous citizens on the seashore of Punggol during World War II, perhaps you shouldn’t stay out too late.

4. Seletar Fishing Village

This secret location in Seletar may appear to be just a run-down, deserted town from the outside. There are kampong huts and a wooden jetty (known as Jenal Jetty) that are close to the well-known cycling destination Rower’s Bay Park, Yishun Dam, and Seletar Airport and are still used by fishermen to make a living. Public access is prohibited to the “village” portion, and Jenal Jetty is. Still, those who are interested can sign up for private tours to get a closer look at the fishing community and its everyday activities. Despite being the last fishing town in Singapore, Seletar Fishing Town is not well-known for its fishing. Explorers and cyclists know the nearby breakwater and little beach area, which is also a great attraction.

5. Sembawang Park

The beachfront setting of Sembawang Park is ideal for a leisurely weekend picnic. Even though fishing is a well-liked activity here, you’ll often notice people swarming around BBQ pits and picnic tables scattered around the coast. Alternately, spread out your picnic blanket here and enjoy a meal at one of the last surviving natural beaches in the nation.

6. Tanjong Rimau

Tanjong Rimau beach is close to Sentosa’s western boundary, and it may be reached by walking along the perimeter of the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa’s property and then descending the rocky hill to the shore. Along the coastline during low tide, you can see various sea life, including starfish and crabs. Look out for the pitcher plants on the cliffs as you stroll along the tidal pools, mangrove trees, and caves closer to the beach. You may view the Labrador Nature Reserve on the other side of the waterway if you turn toward the Tanjong Rimau beacon. Be cautious of stonefish when strolling along the beach because their dorsal fins contain deadly spines. Visits to Tanjong Rimau are prohibited to preserve the ecosystem and safeguard everyone’s safety.

7. St. John’s Island

St. John’s Island, one of the other undiscovered islands far from the bustle of Singapore, has everything a beach lover might need. Visit the Sisters Islands Marine Park Public Gallery, have a cookout in the picnic area, take a bath in the ocean, or just hang out with the friendly cats. Simply hop on a boat at Marina South Pier to travel to the island. Although the boats leave at various times, the ticket offices close each day at 3 p.m.

8. Palawan Beach

Sentosa Beach, also known as Palawan Beach, is situated in the city’s heart. The beach in Palawan is home to swaying palm trees, sparkling white sand, vast stretches of blue-green ocean, and bustling beach bars. Port of Lost Wonder is a fun zone with a pirate theme that appeals to children and adults. The area is complete with a rope bridge, a couple of wooden beam towers, a pirate ship, and countless treasure chests. This one is the best beach in Singapore for swimming or simply lazing around.

9. Changi Beach

One of Singapore’s top tropical beaches is Changi Beach, which is located on the country’s east coast. Families, health nuts, and leisure seekers are the ones who frequent this location the most. Visitors come here to relax on the beach or jog along Changi Beach Park’s ethereal pathways. It is one of Singapore’s top swimming beaches. However, watching planes from this Singaporean beach is the best part. People travel from all across the nation to see low-flying aircraft make their way to Changi Airport.

10. Kusu Island

One of the secret beaches of Singapore is Kusu Island, which is situated off the coast of Singapore. There is a refuge on the island where many turtles live. However, the island’s immaculate beaches are its USP. These beaches are surrounded on all sides by the purest white sand, the most transparent waters, and the greenest trees. One of the most excellent beaches in Singapore, it has a lot to offer.

Discovering these secret beaches of Singapore and hidden islands unveils a world of enchanting beauty tucked away from the bustling cityscape. These secret gems offer serene escapes and breathtaking landscapes, making them perfect getaways for nature enthusiasts and adventurers. Each of these undiscovered islands and offbeat beach destinations has its unique charm. These hidden treasures remind us that Singapore has more to offer than meets the eye, inviting travelers to explore and experience the tranquil side of the Lion City, where natural wonders await just a short boat ride away from the urban jungle.

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