December 7, 2023

Top 10 Consultancy Firm in Singapore

  • October 12, 2023
Top 10 Consultancy Firm in Singapore

Singapore’s low corporation tax rates and strategic location as a gateway to Southeast Asia make it a well-known worldwide economic powerhouse. Singapore is home to several well-known international companies, attracting some of the world’s most outstanding business management consultants and best consulting companies. The numerous consultancy firms in Singapore provide a range of services to businesses and public sector organizations, assisting them to increase profitability and enhance operations.

Why do businesses look to Singapore for consultants?

The executives of a corporation don’t always know what they need. They just realize they need a fresh strategy since their company is stagnant or failing. They would seek out Singapore business advisors in this situation to assist in identifying areas of improvement and profits. To adapt and transform is a justification for hiring Singapore business advisors. Adapting to new AI-powered software tools to gain a competitive edge or switching from expensive and time-consuming manual procedures to more cost-effective digital ones are a few examples of transitions that fall under this category. Below is the list of the top 10 consultancy firms in Singapore.

  • Sandhurst Consultancy

The company’s thought leadership, customized business solutions, and continuing education programs assist clients in achieving their goals. The business also aids organizations in discovering knowledge gaps so they can better implement a strategy. They help businesses of all sizes build and keep a competitive performance in their industry. They help you write documents or invoices, and their knowledgeable specialists work with businesses to ensure all legal standards are completed. Additionally, they offer aid with taxes and bookkeeping. Unlike many other companies, this one provides both incorporation and accounting services.

  • Tetra Consultants

Tetra Consultants is one of the best consulting companies headquartered in Singapore that works with customers worldwide who want to grow their businesses abroad. The business is divided into the Corporate Advisory and Accounting & Tax Wing. The firm currently has experience in more than 50 jurisdictions. The services offered include international business setup, financial license applications, mergers and acquisitions, corporate banking solutions, and accounting and tax services. Additionally, Tetra Consultants received the Singapore SME 500 Award 2022 based on organizational performance, advancements, and skills evaluations. To serve its worldwide clients, the crew is multilingual and available around-the-clock in all time zones.

  • Link flow Capital

The Singaporean SME finance consultant Linkflow Capital is well-known and reliable. Since 2012, this consulting company has helped hundreds of companies get SME loans and banking services. Their professionals have in-depth subject knowledge and are well-versed in the fields of finance and facilitating business loans. Linkflow Capital offers its clients comprehensive insights into the SME financing market thanks to the extensive network of banking partners and financiers the company has built over the years. Due to its diverse clientele, including manufacturing and retail companies, Linkflow Capital can provide customized financial solutions tailored to each organization’s needs and circumstances.

  • Achi Biz

Another of our top choices is Achi Biz, Singapore business advisors offering various corporate services, including annual reports, corporate secretarial services, corporate compliance services, and business advice services. Along with business solutions, Achi Biz offers offshore and international services, human resources, and immigration services. The specialists on the Achi Biz team have years of experience and knowledge in their respective fields, enabling the business to handle any task with assurance and competence. Achi Biz is renowned for its adaptability, having worked with companies ranging from small and medium-sized firms to international brands.

  • Business Grants S.G

BusinessGrants. SG serves customers at all corporate levels. The company’s business consulting and advice services are concentrated on business change and expansion through technology, innovation, and resource planning to enhance the current working environment. They help their clients and organizations stay competitive by rethinking and designing rigorous, scalable tactics appropriate to their business model and sector. With Singapore SMEs, the team of advisors and specialists at BusinessGrants.SG has over 60 years of combined corporate finance and company transformation expertise. From the initial defining of goals to the ultimate execution via customized development and long-term solutions, their ideas are built on close and individualized working relationships with their clients.

  • Boston Consultancy Groups

BCG works with various renowned businesses to help them resolve issues and investigate business opportunities. Unlike other businesses, they employ physical and digital methods for excellent results. When it comes to management consulting, they have some great recommendations. You can rely on them for their innovative concepts, marketing and sales counsel, post-merger integration assistance, and operational services. They have experience working in various industries, including telecommunications, media and entertainment, insurance, retail, education, etc. Instead of adhering to conventional business practices, they promote a transformative approach that will advance an organization beyond its most audacious goals. This is one of the business consultants in Singapore who also uses digital tactics to uncover a company’s full potential.

  • Healy Consultants 

Healy Consultants has supported customers from national and international businesses for more than ten years. Their teams are led by well-known specialists who have worked with important companies worldwide. They provide a sizable selection of expert services at affordable pricing. The establishment of corporate bank accounts, aid with stock exchanges and capital financing, relocation and immigration advising, and search engine marketing for small enterprises are all included in this. They also offer consulting on various business-related topics, including global trademarks, mergers & acquisitions, website building, and marketing strategy.

  • Astreem Consulting

Astreem Consulting is a team of strategists, creative thinkers, and problem-solvers ready to help any business grow and expand. The tried-and-true business consulting method used by Astreem Consulting is called The A360°. The A360° is a four-part strategy for increasing a company’s efficiency. It emphasizes franchise development, long-term growth plans, business procedures, and branding. From ideas to the execution of growth initiatives, Astreem Consulting will be there for you. Additionally, Astreem Consulting aids in the go-to-market strategy and helps businesses create new products and services. This business consulting organization may connect its customers with other businesses that might be interested in franchises thanks to its relationships with companies throughout the globe.

  • Intellect Minds

The success and growth of several Singaporean firms are credited to Intellect Minds. They used talent acquisition, application development, and training services to meet their clients’ shifting marketing demands and surpass their expectations. The best Singapore business advisors have experience in technology consulting, which involves advising businesses on developing, implementing, and managing solutions such as cloud computing, security initiatives, and digital automation. The number also emphasizes how vital employee happiness is to the bottom line. These options provide quick and accurate assistance, boosting worker productivity while letting them concentrate on the company’s essential tasks. You may rely on their sector knowledge to aid them in finding suitable candidates for your firm.

  • Boston Consultancy Company

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global business and management consultancy founded in 1963. It has a Singapore office, staffed by 170 experts and has played a significant role in shaping the region’s economy. BCG Singapore is known for its expertise in translating business and organizational purposes into profits. The firm offers four stages of this process: discovery, articulatement, activation, and embedding. BCG Singapore also provides customer insights services, helping companies understand their customer’s goals, pain points, desires, and purchase journeys. These services help shape sales, marketing, and support operations, addressing critical operational areas such as customer demand, pricing, customer journeys, and marketing and sales.

These consultancy firms in Singapore will help you ensure your company is successful and maintain an edge over the competition. If you’ve been looking, this list should have helped you focus your search for a new business consultant in Singapore!

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