December 6, 2023

Top 10 notary publics in Singapore

  • November 4, 2023
Top 10 notary publics in Singapore

Getting the finest notary public in Singapore might be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to seek first. The Certified Notary Public in Singapore

will take care of all your needs, whether you require an apostille or just some advice about the paperwork for your business! Don’t worry; we are here with the best Notarization Services in Singapore. They are well-known and well-respected in the field and highly reliable.

An online directory called Singapore Law Advice categorises lawyers. With their assistance, you’ll only locate the top intellectual property and corporate law attorneys. They can also help you choose a Notary Public in Singapore that offers top-notch services.

A skilled and Certified Notary Public in Singapore can accomplish many legal duties. They help you validate contracts by letting you know which documents are needed and making sure the contract is legitimate. Since they are aware of all fraudulent activities, including scams and forged papers, they also help to prevent fraud.

Law Advice Singapore can put you in touch with Notary Publics, who can handle such responsibilities and provide trustworthy legal aid when necessary.

  • JCP Law

JCP Law LLC is a full-service legal practice with competent and experienced attorneys offering superior legal services in international arbitration, general business law, bankruptcy, and civil and commercial concerns. They have acted in several international arbitrations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia, as well as in farther-off countries like India, China, and Romania, on behalf of sizable multinational contractors, businesses, and consultants. Clients include private people, local SMEs, listed companies, and global corporations. JCP Law offers advice on marital, criminal, probate, and other personal legal concerns in addition to business and corporate law.

  • Hoh Law Corporation

Hoh Law Corporation provides Notary services and other legal services, such as consultations for particular cases. This covers medical malpractice, property law, criminal law, wills and probate, accidents and injuries, and family law.

Once the discussion is over, they will assess and present you with a list of options. This helps you determine if pursuing legal action is the right course.

Additionally, they have many branch offices so you may find one close to your house. Their extensive variety of services has led to their recognition as Singapore’s best notary public.

  • Sunshine Translation Servies Pte Ltd.

Sunshine Translations is regarded as one of Singapore’s best translation service providers. They are third on our list because they provide prompt, effective, high-quality translation services.

They provide a far more comprehensive range of languages for their translation services than other translation companies. Another reason to trust them is the large number of native-speaking expert translators from around the world that comprise their global staff.

One of our favourite things about them is that they accept large volumes of documents and provide extensive translation services. Regardless of the quantity, they will translate your documents and even discount you!

  • Chiu Cheong LLC

Chiu Cheong LLC is the company to contact if you want your papers processed on the same day. Additionally, you can speak with their licenced legal professionals and ask them to help you with your case. Their areas of expertise include estate planning, real estate, divorce, personal injury law, and criminal defence. They have been recognised as one of the best Notarization Services in Singapore due to their quick response times and availability for legal advice.

  • CrossBows

Crossbow offers its clients a variety of Notarial and Commissioning services, not all of which are limited to these two matters. Gulab Sobhtaj has over 24 years of experience as a Commissioner for Oaths and Notary Public.

CrossBows’ responsibility is to ensure that your documents are correctly witnessed and signed to prevent future legal issues. No one will question the authenticity of such documents if they are ever needed.

Given this, they produce their customers’ documents with extreme attention to detail and precision. They will ensure that a document is prepared following the instructions provided by their clients and those who need it to be notarized.

  • Singapore Notary Public

Singapore Notary Public provides a few specialised notarial services in addition to standard ones. The agency offers all these fundamental notarial services, including certified copies, legalised files, notarised bills of sale, affidavits, and papers for usage abroad.

By obtaining the SG Lawyers App, you can arrange a meeting with SG Legal and have a convenient way to handle your payments and calendar. They also include a Notary Public Fee Calculator to estimate your costs immediately.

They have a reputation as one of the best Notarization Services in Singapore

because of their superior services and technology-driven administration.

  • Wordsburg Translation Pvt. Ltd

If you need an affordable translation service, Wordsburg can assist you. This Singaporean company offers its customers translations into other languages.

They took great pride in providing accurate translations quickly. Moreover, every member of their staff speaks the target language as a native tongue. The translated content is, therefore, entirely correct.

  • Tan & Yip LLC

They offer worldwide documentation and notary public services for private and corporate use. They observe transfer documents, bills of sale, declarations, authorisations, contracts, and agreements.

States authorise notary publics to authenticate copies of passports, degree certificates, marriage and birth certificates, and other papers. They also employ lawyers with specialised knowledge in particular legal fields.

Hiring their services might benefit you if you’re currently embroiled in a legal matter. They are among the best notaries public in Singapore because of this, which is why we listed them.

  • Michael, The Notary (Clifford Law)

A state government appoints a Notary Public as a public servant to help prevent fraud. They observe the signing of significant documents and confirm the identity, desire to sign, and comprehension of the contents of the signer.

As a Notary Public in Singapore for over a decade, Michael has witnessed a wide range of clientele. He also enjoys being a partner in Clifford Law LLP, his legal practice and serves as a Commissioner for Oaths.

For any notarisation requirements, the Top 10 Notary Public in Singapore are here to assist you. These companies will do the work correctly and on schedule, whether it’s a legal document or one for personal use! As a result, if you need help determining where to begin, we suggest choosing one of these ten options since we know you’ll have a positive shopping experience.

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