December 7, 2023

Top 10 Real Estate Firms In Singapore Leading In 2023

  • September 5, 2023
Top 10 Real Estate Firms In Singapore Leading In 2023

Real Estate is the critical sector in Singapore. With many investments, it has shown steady growth in the past years. Moreover, in recent years, Singapore has become the most alluring place for real estate companies and investors. Moreover, the rapid growth of the country, its attractive tax incentives, and transparent business rules have made Singapore an ideal location for businesses to invest in real estate and property. 

With more real estate firms in Singapore, it has become a strong housing market and is currently considered the most profitable country for real estate investments. Hence, with the ongoing developments and opportunities in the real estate market, many real estate firms in Singapore compete to be on top. This article brings you some of the real estate firms in Singapore.

Leading Real Estate Firms in Singapore:

There are many real estate firms in Singapore. Hence, deciding on the leading firms is challenging as every firm is prominent. Let’s look at the top 10 real estate firms in Singapore. 

1. CapitaLand Group: 

CapitaLand is one of the biggest real estate firms in Singapore. It is known for its different residential, commercial, and industrial properties portfolio. Moreover, their devotion to building sustainable homes and commercial places has made them well-known in the real estate industry. 

2. City Developments Limited (CDL):

CDL is a major real estate firm in Singapore. It is a prominent developer with a powerful existence in local and international markets. Hence, CDL will be an excellent choice if you want to build a real estate career. 

3.OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd:

OrangeTee is the most outstanding and well-known real estate firm in Singapore. Besides, in 2017, the merger of OrangeTee&Tie and EdmundTie& Company brought tremendous change in technology and innovation while being true to professionalism. 

4. ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd:

ERA is the largest firm in Singapore with around 10 offices in different countries. They are also listed in the Singapore Exchange as a real estate brand in Singapore. 

5. PropNex Realty Pte Ltd:

PropNex is a popular real estate agency in Singapore. Besides, it offers many services to home sellers and buyers, including recent market insights, property rents , etc. If you want to buy or sell a property, connecting with PropNex is the best option. 

6. Wing Tai Holdings:

Wing Tai is the largest property dealer in Singapore with committed employees, quality standards, and continuous inventions. Moreover, they are different from other real estate companies as they are famous for creating spaces people love to call home. It has also built an effective presence in the industry. 

7. UOL Group:

UOL is one of the largest real estate firms in Singapore. It is famous for its luxury property developments. Moreover, with passionate professionals, they have made a reputation in the industry. Besides, UOL Group is proceeding with its new signature developments, striving to build a real estate landscape for a better future. 

8. Huttons Real Estate Group: 

With 5,000 salespeople, Huttons is one of Singapore’s biggest real estate firms. Their expertise is seen in Australia, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. Moreover, their excellence and innovation have earned them awards like the International Residential Property Awards and the Asia Property Awards. 

 9. CBRE Singapore: 

CBRE is a firm with an impressive team of professionals offering extensive services to their clients. Besides, they have partners in Asia and worldwide, enabling them to offer globally accredited services. With strong relations with local landlords, developers, and investors, CBRE is considered most prominent real estate firms in Singapore 

10. Singapore Estate Agency:

Singapore Estate Agency provides leasing, property management, and property sales services. They put high importance in offering high standards of services to their customers. 

Moreover, they also have qualities like transparency and integrity for which they are well-known in the industry. 


These are the 10 largest real estate firms in Singapore with unique strengths that make them strive in the real estate sector. Hence, if you are looking to buy or sell any property, the above-listed companies can assist you in fulfilling your quest and guide you in your real estate journey. 

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