December 7, 2023

Top 10 Travel Agency in Singapore

  • October 19, 2023
Top 10 Travel Agency in Singapore

One of Singapore’s most cutthroat businesses is the travel one. Choosing the right Singapore travel agency for you and your needs might be challenging with so many options available. Check out the list we have put together of some of the best travel agencies in Singapore to help make this selection easier!

Important Travel Tips

Here are some things to think about before visiting the top Singapore Travel Agency:

  • Reputation: Among the many travel tips anyone would give you while picking a travel agency to view and explore the Singapore tourist attractions is to check the travel agency’s web reputation to be sure it is reputable and has a solid track record.
  • Experience: You should also discover how long the firm has been operating and receive feedback from those who have previously used its services.
  • Service – Ensure the travel agency offers high-quality services, including helpful staff, courteous service, and timely information.
  • Price: One of the most essential travel tips is to ensure you receive the most excellent bargain compare prices at various travel providers.

The Best Singapore Based Travel Agencies

  • CTC Travels 

In Singapore, CTC travel agency is considered reliable to explore the Singapore tourist attractions. They serve young adults traveling with friends, couples, honeymooners, and many other types of travelers. They provide China tours for anyone interested in seeing the sights of mainland China in addition to travel services. Travel-savvy tour operators from CTC Travel can take tourists on excursions throughout China to experience the country’s history and culture firsthand. The “China Tour Package” is one of the various travel packages offered; it includes airfare to four places, five nights’ lodging at three different hotels, nine meals, and transportation to all of the listed destinations, including exotic ones. Several additional vacation packages are available, such as those that incorporate trips to Thailand, Cambodia, and more.

  • Lightfoot Travel

Travel company Lightfoot Travel has locations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London. Young adults traveling with friends, couples on their honeymoon, and families are just a few of the many types of clients Lightfoot Travel serves. In addition to travel services, they provide meet-ups and tours that allow guests to get to know locals and have a genuine travel experience without having to venture too far from the typical tourist destinations.

This travel business offers a variety of vacation packages that are centered on various subjects or locales. The “Love & Marriage Package,” one of their most well-liked vacation packages, includes lodging, meals, transportation, photography, booking the wedding venue, creating the invitations, providing joss paper packets for prayers, tour guides for three days in China, and traditional Chinese clothing.

  • SA Tours

The Singapore-based travel agency SA Tours specializes in US and European trips. SA Tours offers trip packages for families, couples, and lone travelers.

The “USA & Europe Family Vacation Package” is one of the vacation packages provided by this travel company. It includes airfare to four destinations, six nights of hotel lodging with breakfast included, a daily buffet lunch or dinner with drinks, a three-day tour guide with a driver on-site, all domestic transportation, including travel between airports and hotels, and five meals per day. Other travel packages, such as those involving trips to Korea and Spain, are also offered.

  • Monster Day Tours

A tour company with the slogan “Go Big or Go Home” that was established in Singapore, Monster Day Tours guarantees king-sized fun and excitement while taking you to various Singapore tourist attractions.

Virtual tours of many locations across the globe are another specialty of Monster Day Tours. Travel packages are available that allow customers to leave their current location while traveling through time and space. The Dali Museum, Huangshan Mountain, Shanghai Pudong, Mount Fuji, and numerous other global destinations are all accessible via virtual tours.

The travel agency’s website offers opportunities for travel for everyone who wants to travel in both English and Mandarin. They concentrate on discovering off-the-beaten roads, authentically local experiences in Singapore, and community centers and hidden gems.

  • Chan Brothers 

Many vacationers’ travel needs are met by Chan Brothers, a travel service located in China and Singapore. The travel agency’s website features travel packages for trips to China, Asia, Muslim nations, and the Silver Age Tourism organization.

The vacation packages are divided into categories for travelers traveling with families or wanting to stay within their means. Additionally, Chan Brothers offers vacation packages that include activities like cuisine excursions and cooking workshops.

  • Tour About Singapore 

A Singapore-based travel agency, Tour About Singapore, provides vacation packages for tourists who want to see the city. Visitors can go on walking, biking, or cuisine excursions to learn about Singapore’s history.

Tour About Singapore aims to allow visitors to use their five senses to travel through time without leaving their current location. This includes tasting local cuisine, feeling the wind on their skin as they bicycle through Singapore, hearing locals discuss their culture, seeing historical sites around the city, and taking in the smells of local food shops.

  • WTS Travels 

One of the travel companies in Singapore that focuses on tourist-oriented travel goods and services is WTS Travel. They provide cruises, tour packages, hotel bookings, airline tickets, coaches, and vacation packages to far-off places.

Their travel goods are divided into categories based on tourists’ preferences for itineraries that meet their requirements. For those on a restricted budget and those with young families looking for an adventure outside of Singapore, WTS Travel provides vacation packages. These tourists can choose from travel packages that include everything from culinary classes and food-tasting excursions to trips across China or Asia. They are also well-recognized for their UK, Singapore, and Asia-Pacific tours.

  • Nam Ho Travel

The travel requirements of numerous vacationers are met by Nam Ho Travel. The travel agency’s website offers trip packages to well-known locations like Alaska, Australia, Europe, South Korea, and the United States.

The vacation packages are divided into categories for travelers traveling with families or wanting to stay within their means. They offer a simple, worry-free traveling experience for seasoned travelers looking for a hassle-free journey by handling all your travel requirements at affordable rates and with customizable departure dates. Nam Ho Travel also offers vacation packages incorporating sightseeing activities like food tours and cookery lessons.

  • Hong Thai Travel Singapore 

Hong Thai Travel Singapore, a division of Hong Thai Travel Hong Kong, is known for providing top-notch travel services. Hong Thai Travel constantly receives favorable reviews from customers as one of the top travel agencies in Singapore with a long history and a wealth of experience.

  • Dynasty Travel 

Dynamic company Dynasty Travel is constantly improving its offerings to satisfy customers better. They are committed to providing a wide range of travel services, such as group excursions, MICE trips, free and straightforward itineraries, specially designed experiences, and educational tours, for their diverse clientele.

Traveling can be challenging, especially if you do it frequently. Check out the travel agencies we’ve selected for you if you want a simple, stress-free experience and don’t want to waste time looking into different trip destinations or making your own flight reservations!

These travel firms focus on offering you travel plans and services that are specific to your requirements, whether you’re planning a lavish vacation, a budget-friendly break, or a family vacation. The ideal Singapore travel agency offers holiday packages incorporating Singapore tourist attractions tours, food-tasting excursions, and various international tours.

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