December 6, 2023

Asia’s Expo on Agricultural and Food Technology

  • November 9, 2023
Asia’s Expo on Agricultural and Food Technology

Agri-Food Tech Expo Asia (AFTEA), the first dedicated exhibiting platform for agri-food technology in Asia, is back this year for its second edition at Sands Expo & Convention Centre from October 31 to November 2.

By 2030, the Asia-Pacific area is predicted to consume 60% of the world’s food, and it is home to 450 million smallholder farmers who provide up to 80% of the food produced in the area. In light of this, global agri-food tech funding activity and sector growth must pick up speed to provide a more sustainable future for the region. AFTEA was established to facilitate regional cooperation, possibilities, and solutions while motivating and enabling local stakeholders to make well-informed decisions.

Agrifood Tech Expo Asia 2022

Its first edition last year drew over 6,000 attendees from 66 countries and 163 exhibitors from 24 countries, including nine national pavilions from Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It was a Constellar event with international content partner DLG (the German Agricultural Society). Throughout the event days, the 2022 edition hosted approximately 500 business meetings and 55 sandbox sessions.

Agrifood Tech Expo Asia 2023

AFTEA 2023 will delve deeply into three focus areas – Innovation, Sustainability, and Safety – to explore solutions and technologies that will enhance every stage and aspect of the food production and manufacturing supply chain for future generations in the Asia-Pacific region. The conference is building momentum with the key theme, “Enhancing Food Ecosystems for A Sustainable Future.”

Roadshows Regionally in Jakarta and Bangkok

Regional roadshows in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Bangkok, Thailand, in the run-up to AFTEA 2023 in October, will provide invited media and industry insiders with a unique look at the newest innovations and solutions available at the Singaporean event. They provide in-market practitioners and experts—industry leaders, governments, and communities—with chances to network and exchange first-hand knowledge to progress agri-food production technology across the country.

Asia’s agricultural industry

The agri-food sectors of Thailand and Indonesia, two of the top three Southeast Asian nations in terms of GDP and employment generated by these sectors, were chosen to host the next roadshows. In contrast, Thailand has been speeding up national digital transformation plans for the local food and Asia’s agricultural industry in recent years, focusing on big data, smart agriculture, e-commerce, and agribusiness improvement. Indonesia’s agri-food sector occupies an unmatched position in the economy and is essential to the country’s future agricultural development.

AFTEA 2023 Prominent Attractions

AFTEA 2023 is set to be a platform for showcasing innovation, fostering partnerships, and envisioning a sustainable future for Asia’s agricultural industry and Food production technology. Among the event’s highlights, the Agri-Food Tech Change Makers Pavilion takes center stage. Powered by Impact Circle and Innovate 360, and in collaboration with Space F, this pavilion will host around 40 dynamic startups from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Thailand. These startups will seize the opportunity to present their pioneering solutions and services to potential partners and investors. It’s a dynamic space where creativity meets capital, and attendees can explore the latest trends and cutting-edge innovations that promise to reshape the agri-food landscape in the region.

Another standout feature at AFTEA 2023 is the Lim Chu Kang Agri-Food Hub Showcase. Presented by the Singapore Food Agency, this exhibition offers a captivating vision of Lim Chu Kang (LCK) as Singapore’s flagship agri-food production hub of the future. The exhibit provides a glimpse into the LCK Concept Master Plan, featuring innovative ideas for farming practices and facilities. Among these visionary concepts is the innovative stacked farm model, which optimizes land usage, a district cooling facility designed to meet cooling needs for farms while reducing energy consumption, and a centralized waste treatment facility aimed at processing farm waste from the district, ultimately reducing the environmental impact. This showcase embodies the commitment to creating a highly productive, sustainable, and resource-efficient agri-food cluster that paves the way for a more eco-friendly and technologically advanced future for food production in the region.

Asia’s Agri-Food Tech Potential

Asia’s agricultural industry and Food production technology are experiencing a transformation driven by population growth, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences. With an increasing middle-class population, there is a growing demand for higher-quality and diverse food products. Agri-food technology is pivotal in meeting these evolving needs by improving productivity, reducing waste, and enhancing sustainability. In this context, AFTEA serves as a crucial platform to harness the potential of agri-food technology in the region.

The Three Focus Areas of AFTEA 2023

AFTEA 2023 has chosen three focus areas—Innovation, Sustainability, and Safety. These areas encapsulate the core challenges and opportunities in Asia’s agri-food tech landscape.

  • Innovation: Innovation in agri-food technology spans a broad spectrum, from precision agriculture and biotechnology to food processing and distribution. AFTEA explores the latest advancements in these fields, including data analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), and artificial intelligence to optimize crop yields, improve supply chain logistics, and reduce resource consumption.
  • Sustainability: Sustainable agriculture is paramount in Asia, given the need to feed a growing population without depleting natural resources. The expo focuses on solutions for sustainable farming practices, water and energy efficiency, and eco-friendly packaging and distribution methods. Attendees can learn about regenerative agriculture, organic farming, and the adoption of renewable energy sources in the sector.
  • Safety: Ensuring food safety is critical in the agri-food industry. AFTEA addresses this concern by highlighting the latest advancements in food safety technologies, including traceability solutions, quality control measures, and innovative food preservation techniques. The event offers a platform for discussions on food safety standards and regulations that are vital for both local and global trade.

Agrifood Tech Expo Asia is not just an exhibition; it’s a gateway to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for Asia’s agricultural industry and food production technology. Focusing on innovation, sustainability, and safety, it offers solutions that align with the region’s growing demand for quality food while addressing environmental and safety concerns. With regional roadshows and international collaboration, AFTEA 2023 stands as a testament to the commitment of Asia’s agri-food tech community to shaping the future of food ecosystems in the region.

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