December 6, 2023

Threads & The Future Of Social Media

  • October 4, 2023
Threads & The Future Of Social Media

Social media has always been a debate for people using it. Some people used to consider it a platform to express one’s feelings, and that is why, a pretty friendly option to consider. At the same time, others targeted it as something that would destroy the creativity of individuals, make them hooked to their devices and lead to in-productivity. Whatever the result of these debates was, social media continues to grow in its own way and that too fantastically. Since the day Facebook was launched, we have seen various applications following it and social media always taking a new turn to interact and attract its users. With this came the launch of a new application, Threads, in July. This allocation immediately sparked the users’ interest, and we saw massive sign-ups and registrations within hours. This made the experts and users wonder, is Threads the future of social media? So, let us check if it is or not!

 The Journey Of Social Media Over The Decade

Yes, social media platforms like Facebook started their journey before the decade. But, during the last ten years, we saw the most incredible hike in their usage. From the gen-z to the millennials, all audiences related to these platforms and started using them to portray their feelings openly. Some applications even helped make communications more accessible. For example, we used to write a 100-word formal email to message someone, and suddenly, a social media transaction took place, and people could just chat within a moment and get the queries solved. It is, of course, one of the most significant discoveries of human and technological history, which has, to some extent, benefited us all.

Then came the phase where influences and bloggers took over with the launch of platforms like Instagram business and Facebook advertisements. Businesses have a way to advertise their services and products through social media. And, of course, even this was a super hit idea since almost all of the crowd and clients are seen here. With the help of influencers and bloggers, brands saw a hike in their sales, which again is a plus point of using social media as a marketing platform. However, in this journey, the space lost its authentic vibes and suddenly became a marketing application rather than a socialising platform.

 All About Threads

You might be thinking, what are threads, and why is it gaining so much popularity? Well, if you still don’t have an account on this platform (which is very unlikely), this is the newly launched social media platform under the guidance of Mark Zuckerberg and META. This application is linked to Instagram, so it gained popularity overnight. Well, that was the foremost reason for this application to have such a rise in users within 24 hours. Another great reason was that since the audiences were already using Instagram, signing up for threads was also the smoothest procedure. It helped users create an account using the same data saved on Instagram, again making it quite famous as one of the easiest ways to log in through social media applications. Then, the talks that threads imitated Twitter, and it began the great battle or the Cold War between Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk that made people curious to download this application. It is a platform that lets you show off your feelings or write what is in your heart briefly within a precise number of characters.

 Is Threads The Twitter Imitation

 On the first day Threads was launched, almost all the content in this application was about comparing it to the existing leaders of social media, Twitter. Well, apparently people think that this is a not-so-sophisticated version of Twitter. Well, the Twitter application of a bird with a blue logo has its separate fanbase. This app has gained immense popularity amongst premium users and celebrity accounts during the last few years. Its unmatched quality provides a complex platform for social media users who prefer fewer words and a more significant impact. Yes, Twitter has also given ways for advertising and trending topics, which are still considered authentic and verified. Comparing threads to Twitter can be an injustice to the already existing popularity of this application. But we can say that the writing pattern on threads is similar to Twitter. Also, the presentation within the application almost mimics the Twitter account. But again, reaching that level can take a lot of effort and time.

 The Plus Sides Of Threads

  • Threads is a fantastic social media application that has the following benefits for its users:
  • Most effortless sign-up and smooth data transfer from Instagram.
  • A no-nonsense platform with a precise number of characters to use for views.
  • Smoothest platform to share images, videos and other content.
  • Let’s share the Threads content elsewhere without much effort.
  •  A new platform where almost everyone is present.
  • Great for to-the-point advertising that is also very impactful.
  • Users are provided with a Threads rank and an easier navigation option on their existing Instagram account, which helps make switching between the platforms easier. 
  • A nice shift for audiences from video content to the power of words.

The Downsides of Threads

Apart from all these perks, there are also some downsides of Threads that are listed below:

  •  The application is connected to Instagram, which means if a user wants to delete an account on Threads, he/she will have to remove Instagram, too, almost forcing the app’s usage on them.
  • It strongly mimics Twitter in style.
  • The app lost its quality popularity within a week of usage from the users.
  •  Missing an exciting element that makes it unique and catches users’ attention for long.

Is Threads Really The Future Of Social Media

During its launch, Threads was considered a fresh wave of innovation worldwide, where 30-second videos were used to drive people crazy. Viewers and users accepted the power of words and started to drive their feelings in the most creative and sometimes sarcastic ways on this application. But unfortunately, this failed to grasp their attention for long. Hooking up on mere words is impossible for audiences who have seen creativity to its utmost best in reels and TikTok videos. However, if this application continues to evolve and innovate something catchy and unique about it, it can become a prominent social media application. But today, with Twitter turning into X and retaining its X Factor has a more significant impact on audiences than threads. Even social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook seem to dominate more than this new application. Yes, it has recorded a dramatic launch by having the most users within 24 hours of launch, but retaining it forcefully has offended the audiences. Let us hope that this new social media platform gives something significant to the audience and brings a positive transition in the social world!

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