December 6, 2023

Choosing the Perfect Custom Blinds for Singapore’s Tropical Climate

  • October 8, 2023
Choosing the Perfect Custom Blinds for Singapore’s Tropical Climate

Due to the intense scorching heat in the tropical climate, the temperature of that place increases day by day. So to protect our home we need window and door blinds. So these blinds are useful in protecting your loved ones from harmful UV rays.


If these are customized as per your window size then it becomes a perfect showcase interior design. Nowadays they come with different style designs which add a classy look to modern houses. Now understand the usage of Custom Blinds in Singapore and why to choose for tropical climate places.


Materials usage in making blinds –

To safeguard from the harmful UV Ray and also from heavy rains these blind materials should be chosen properly.


Blinds made up of aluminium

The finest feature of this Aluminum is that it is very lightweight and easy to clean. This aluminium can be easily bent because of its flexible nature. They are resistant to moisture so can be easily kept in bathrooms or kitchens. Also because of its affordability you can easily save a lot of money out of it. Because of the house who can’t able to afford costly blind sheets? They can use these aluminium sheets as blinds. They work as heat protecting resistant and make your house cool from the inside. This also creates a pattern of very minimalistic design.


Fabric blinds

When we talk about fabrics then it is the most expensive product that can be used for making blinds. Any fabric material like silk cotton and so on can easily be folded creating a w shape. Its classic design will just look like a new colour to the interior of the house. It can be a bit difficult to wash but with the help of professional cleaning, you can easily make that possible. If water is spread on the blinds in the time of Summer can work as a cool air conditioner. But this blind should not be kept in the washroom or bathrooms because it attracts germs very quickly.


Blinds made of wood

These wooden blinds are a bit expensive for your pocket but are very durable. It is one of the most low-maintained blinds which easily traps moisture. In this hot and humid climate of the tropical region, these wooden blinds both work as barriers for summer and warm for winter. These are completely rust-free. As these Blinds are made out of wood it is very lightweight and Opaque. Many blind-making companies can easily customize as per your choices. So you can connect with custom-made Custom Blinds in Singapore to get more aesthetic design.


Blinds made of bamboo

It is one of the eco friendly products that have become a household choice. These are easily found everywhere and are not as expensive as wood. This bamboo blinds are lightweight and are very durable. In any Vintage or Heritage house interior, you can easily find these blinds. This gives summer Vibes and works as a blackout privacy in the house. These are also humid and insect Radiant and give both a tropical and natural look.

Features for using these blinds – 

Energy efficient

Because of its temperature control technique, it is a firm choice for saving electricity. Now you must be thinking how is that possible? When it allows very little sunlight at the home then usage of the air conditioner slows down. Thus saving a lot from your electricity bill and saving energy for future generations. 


Sunlight and UV protection

After making proper window tinting then also these UV rays also try to penetrate inside our house. So adding these blinds will act as a sunlight barrier. If choosing a dark colour blind for the bedroom. And light colour blind for the living room will create a divine look. And will act as a sunlight blockage where needed. Due to the blind thickness, the sunlight can’t easily pass through and so works as a barrier to harmful rays. If you are having infants then maintaining a high-quality blind will keep your child away from allergies or rashes.


Barrier from dust

When we open windows at home. Unknowingly we invite lots of dirt and dust. So keeping these blinds acts as a barrier and protection from any pollution. Heavy thick material should be used for making these blinds. Hence these work as small air purifiers for our homes or offices. But also need to maintain proper deep cleaning at least twice a week. Because they stop dirt from entering our home.


Blackout blinds

We never like noise at the time of sleep or watching a movie or don’t want our neighbour to have to listen to our party. So these blackout blinds in Singapore work as perfect noise cancellation. This provides extra privacy to our house especially since you can find this kind of blinds in the hotels or offices. It stops sunlight from being inside the house. 


Automatic blinds

With technological advancement nowadays technology has also been incorporated into blinds. With control of the remote, you can now uptown or remove the blinds from the window or door. These are called smart blinds. These come with blackout technology and are a perfect fit for your house. And they are easily portable and also come with warranty side by side.


Conclusion –

From all the features and significance now the importance of keeping blinds at home is clear. They are not just eco-friendly and safe for kids but also give protection. From harmful rays dust allergies and so on. Keeping these blinds at home will increase your house’s looks and style. A house with a huge balcony can also keep these blinds from protection from dirt and sunlight.

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