December 6, 2023

Why Hiring A Licensed Plumber in Singapore is Worth Every Penny?

  • August 10, 2023
Why Hiring A Licensed Plumber in Singapore is Worth Every Penny?

The advantages of hiring a licensed plumber in Singapore may or may not be clear to you if you have a plumbing issue that you are unable to solve on your own. Perhaps you are aware of a handyman in your area who promises to fix it for a very affordable fee. Even while there may be unlicensed plumbers in your region that advertise, we can tell you that this does not necessarily mean they lack aptitude or skill.

It may be tempting to hire someone without a license to save money, but you should resist. An unlicensed plumber might wind up costing you considerably more money in the long term than you initially save unless you’re working with a trustworthy relative or friend whose work you’ve witnessed firsthand.

Why Should Plumbers Get Licensed?

Like any other sector, the plumbing industry (in many places) mandates that a plumber pass a test, accrue a particular amount of apprenticeship hours, or pass a knowledge exam of a similar nature before they can obtain a license. The nation, state, or municipality where the plumber will be employed may certify this license.

Having such a license demonstrates numerous things to the market and potential customers. It demonstrates a desire to abide by all current laws, rules, and safety recommendations rather than depending on antiquated and sometimes dangerous techniques. Additionally, it demonstrates the plumber’s desire for his clientele to recognize his expertise. This demonstrates a commitment to his profession and sets him apart from some who would view plumbing as a method to just supplement their income.

The fact that a plumber is licensed frequently indicates that they are participating in one of the many professional organizations that offer continual education. This is only one of the numerous advantages of employing professional Plumbing Services, as classes that showcase the most recent tools and techniques guarantee expertise and dependability.

Some Advantages Of Hiring a Licensed Plumber:

The following section explains some significant benefits of employing a certified plumber:

Exemplary craftsmanship

One of the key benefits is the high grade of work a certified plumber performs. Licensed plumbers can locate and fix any plumbing issue you may be experiencing since they are skilled and knowledgeable in the field. Due to their knowledge, they can manage even the most difficult plumbing problems, ensuring that the service will be done correctly the first time.

Observance of regional building codes

When you employ Plumbing Services, you can be certain that they will follow all local construction requirements. Because breaching these regulations can result in fines, penalties, and legal action, it is crucial. Licensed plumbers are aware of these codes and will make sure all the work is completed.

Tool and Equipment Selection

Licensed plumbers have access to the tools & machinery needed to finish plumbing projects. It suggests that they can locate and address plumbing issues with efficiency, thus helping you save both time and money. They also understand how to utilize the equipment and tools properly, ensuring that the task is completed quickly and safely.

Protection against Liability and Insurance

When you engage a professional plumber, their insurance and liability coverage will safeguard you. It suggests that you won’t be held accountable for any damages if something goes wrong with the plumbing repair. Licensed plumbers are also covered by workers’ compensation insurance, so if one is wounded while working on your property, you won’t be liable for their medical expenses.

Knowledge and Experience

A licensed plumber has received years of training and has specialized knowledge in fixing various plumbing issues. They are informed about a variety of plumbing systems, appliances, and fixtures. They can propose a feasible remedy and promptly pinpoint the problem. They can prevent issues from occurring in the future using their knowledge, thereby saving you time and money.

Comfort of Mind

You may feel more at rest knowing that the repair is done appropriately and securely by using a qualified plumber. You may trust a qualified plumber since they will do an excellent job and follow all regional building requirements.

What Is the Risk of Employing an Unlicensed Plumber?

Even if they lack a license, anyone searching for work can convince employers that they will perform the job just as well. Even if this could be the case, hiring a plumber with a license is always the best option.

A qualified plumber’s ongoing training guarantees that they are knowledgeable and up to date. Unlicensed individuals can be employing out-of-date techniques, which might result in expensive errors.

Insurance is often needed for licensed plumbers. This might help you save hundreds. The plumber’s insurance will pay for any medical expenses if they arise while they are performing work on your home. You could have to pay such expensive bills out of pocket if there is no insurance. In many circumstances, insurance can also guarantee the quality of the service the plumber performs. This might be the difference between a plumber showing up right away to remedy a little leak that resulted for free and waiting for a second plumber to arrive and correct the first plumber’s errors at full price.


As you can see, there are many advantages to employing a licensed plumber in Singapore and virtually no drawbacks. In most circumstances, you will pay a little bit more, but when you consider the inconvenience and probable expense of employing someone without a license, you’ll realize that you do get what you pay for.

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