December 7, 2023

House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

  • October 12, 2023
House Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Are you a pet parent? Then you would agree that the mess they caused is not more than your affection for them. We knew what we were getting into when we decided to have pets, but it’s possible to maintain a tidy home despite the flying hair and tapping paws. And yes, for some of you, keeping your house clean may be difficult, but having dogs around the home can make maintenance tasks more difficult. Pets have a different sense of cleanliness than people; they shed fur and occasionally cause messes, which adds to the challenges of house cleaning with pets. Therefore, it could be worth hiring a local cleaner service. But if you don’t wish to do the same, just follow these house cleaning tips for pet owners, and your house will be clean, tidy, and healthy for everyone.

Regular Pet Grooming

Your house may become healthier and more inviting by regularly maintaining your pet. This is because many hair clumps on your furniture are pet feces. They lose less hair when their nails are trimmed, which means less work for you. Other advantages of grooming exist as well. They feel better about themselves and look better as a result.

Develop a friendship with your cordless handheld vacuum

The next step to pet-friendly home cleaning is getting the finest tool to deal with fuzzy tumbleweeds, kibble crumbs, and pet hair on the couch: a cordless portable vacuum. There are no plugs to fiddle with, so it’s simple to undertake routine maintenance to keep messes from building up. We urge you to get one immediately if you still need a cordless hoover. They are indispensable for pet owners who wish to keep up with their cleaning.

Have a pet washing station near the entrance

The wisest house-cleaning tips for pet owners: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for muddy pawprints. Keep a basin of warm water, some towels, and a plastic drip tray close to your entrance. Wait until your dog’s paws have been washed before letting them roam about the house.

Maintain a lint roller in each room

Even in places where your dog or cat rarely goes, fur gets everywhere. Purchase a large multipack and spread them across your home to avoid the time and hassle of looking for the closest lint roller. These are fantastic for furniture and clothing; since they are so accessible, you are more likely to maintain a regular fur-busting habit. If you’re seeking another method to get rid of pet hair, you may quickly de-sasquatch yourself by wrapping duct tape around your hand and giving yourself a fast pat-down.

Immediately clean up pet spills

If you want better house cleaning with pets, their messes must be cleaned immediately because if they aren’t, they will discolor and leave odors. It’s crucial to clean up pet accidents on your hardwood floors since the wood quickly absorbs odors. Use a putty knife (or a butter knife) to scrape off any solids gently, then use your chosen carpet, floor, or pet stain cleaning to clear up the remaining mess. Remember to blot rather than rub when dealing with carpet to prevent rubbing stains and odors further into the fibers.

Use White Vinegar to Remove Odours from Rugs and Carpets

Apply white vinegar after you’ve cleaned up the problem if you can’t stop pet-related messes on your flooring because your pet is ill or has an accident on the carpet. Always check for colorfastness in a discrete region first. Consider using a local rug cleaning service to prevent the colors from being destroyed.

Avoid soaking the fibers; a quick spray from a spray bottle or wiping with a moistened towel will do. Any remaining odors should be eliminated by allowing the area to dry; the vinegar smell will also disappear.

Purchase a pet bed with a detachable cover

Our cherished pets often leave pet hair and odors behind everywhere they sleep. You’re more likely to locate the fur mounds if you purchase each pet bed. Buy beds with coverings that can be removed for simple, quick washing.

Use throw blankets to cover your furniture

Your upholstered seat cushions don’t have to perish because of your dog’s naps if you don’t want to forbid your pets from using the furniture. A throw blanket should be placed over them, tucked into the cracks. Search for a close color match to make it almost invisible. You can easily wash the blanket when it becomes covered with fur and grubby paw prints to prevent (or lessen) pet stains on the couch.

Purchase high-quality cat litter

Owners of cats are aware of how fast things can get out of hand with the litter box. Regular sweeping and cleaning are essential, but cheap kitty litter can undermine even the most significant efforts. Invest in better items, particularly with a baking soda recipe to absorb odors, to do yourself (and your nose) a favor. While you could pay more upfront, you’ll use less overall.

Use baking soda to clean soft objects like blankets

Add around one-half cup of baking soda to the wash (along with your regular detergent) when washing a load of soft things like sweaters, blankets, and pet bed coverings. Baking soda aids in odor neutralization, ensuring no residual odors. Baking soda may also be used to eliminate odors from upholstery and furnishings. Simply sprinkle it on, give it 20 minutes to rest, and then hoover it up.

Think about hiring a professional house cleaner

It might be challenging to go about the house cleaning with pets, especially when you’d much rather be playing retrieve or dousing small toy mice in catnip. Hiring a local home or flat cleaning service may simplify life, even if it’s only a thorough monthly or biweekly clean. How frequently should a home with dogs be cleaned? Maintaining a weekly vacuuming schedule will assist with pet dander, hair, and tracked-in debris. Additionally, attempt to shampoo your carpets three to four times a year for a thorough cleaning.

Maintaining a clean home is not always easy because of all the mess of having a pet. A house might feel less like a home and more like a disaster area when there are piles of fur, filthy paws, and slobber if you want to take full use of your space. Follow these house cleaning tips for pet owners to have a healthy and happy home with their furry friends.

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