December 7, 2023

Employees in Singapore: Google lays off staff

  • February 21, 2023
Employees in Singapore: Google lays off staff

As per CNA, around 190 employees from Google Asia’s headquarters in Singapore were released on Thursday, February 16.

They state that this amounts to about 5.5 percent to 6 percent of Google’s workforce in Singapore. 

A spokesperson of Google said it was” unable to share” the number of employees in Singapore who were being affected by the release but confirmed that they were part of 

job cuts that the parent company of Google earlier announced. Alphabet.


Last month, Alphabet said it cut 12,000 jobs, which amounted to about 6 percent of its workforce. 

Mr. Fong told CNA that the dismissals strike people from different departments, including sales, Google Cloud, pay, recruiting, and finances. He even added that Xoogler is holding a gathering on Friday evening for those affected by the dismissals; for this, 50 people in Singapore registered for this gathering.

Mr. Fong declared that the community had 14,800 members before the global release was announced, and that figure has increased to 26,000. He clarified more programs had been introduced to help those affected. 

Quierra C, who was part of the recruiting department “said she was among the affected by the dismissal in Singapore, but she also thanked this “amazing team ” with whom she worked. 

Can Koklu, his profile states that he was a customer engineer in the Google Cloud team and wrote on LinkedIn that he was dismissed from the company after seven years. He wrote an overwhelming note, ” It’s’ not easy to say goodbye to a fantastic community, but I am grateful for the experience and memories I have had here.”

Besides, in a staff memo on January 20, the CEO of Alphabet, Sundar Pichai, said he took ” full responsibility ” for the decisions that led to the dismissal. 

The Alphabet Workers said that his words were a bit comforting. It added that it’s appealing that our jobs are first on the chopping block so the shareholders can see a few more chapters in the following quarter chart.

Manpower Minister Tan See Leng Sai din a Parlient last November that 1270 local workers in the tech sector economized between July to mid-November 2022. Twitter, Facebook, parent Meta, and Shopee economized the employees in Singapore last year.

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